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How To Style A New Door


on July 14, 2017

Front exterior of home with sunset reflection

So you've got a new door - or you’ll be getting one soon. It's perfect for your home, and you're delighted with the color, material, and its overall design. However, sometimes getting a new entry door can make your front entry look a little bare. Thankfully, there are some ways to dress up your front door that, while simple, can make the entrance to your home more welcoming and personal - without detracting from the door itself.

Functional updates for your new door

Door rugs and mats

Many homeowners choose a doormat for outside as well as a rug for inside the entryway. A doormat primarily serves the functional purpose of preventing dirt from coming inside, and is a household staple for keeping your home clean. Outdoor mats are available in numerous different shapes, sizes, and colors. Choose a rug that complements your door, perhaps based on color or shape. For example, if you have an arched transom above your entry door, consider an arched mat for outside your door. For a busy household, you could choose a rug that fits the length of your front step so there's enough room for all visitors to wipe their feet on a rainy day.

For inside your entryway, choose a rug that compliments the style and color of your door to create a cohesive look. Jute or sisal rugs are made of a natural fiber and give your home an earthy, comfortable look. They are a popular choice because of their neutral color and rough, durable composition. Striped or chevron-patterned rugs are a modern choice and can give your entry a fun, colorful vibe. If your entry opens into a hallway, consider a runner rug to create a visual line into your home and make the space feel complete.

When choosing a rug or mat, make sure the size of the rug is proportionate to the size of the entryway. For instance, if you have a large, double entry door, a small 2’ x 3’ rug may look too small in comparison to the door.



If you have a veranda, large enough porch, or even spare front yard space near your door, seating of some form could be a great option. Go for a simple bench if you just want somewhere people can perch to take their dirty shoes off, or if the front of your house is facing south, you might want a comfortable chair - even a hammock - to sit in and enjoy the sunshine. This will heighten the welcoming feel surrounding your new door.

Inside, a bench provides a place for guests to remove shoes, or a surface to catch purses or shopping bags upon entering. If your entryway isn’t large enough to accommodate a bench, a small occasional chair may be the answer.

Curtains or Blinds

Another consideration for your new front door is whether you will choose to add curtains or blinds. Some like the look and function of curtains, blinds, or shutters for sidelights, which gives you the opportunity to block or filter some of the light while adding additional privacy.

Decorative ideas for new doors


Wreaths aren't just a holiday decoration! They can work all year round, and can be hung on the inside or outside of your new door. If you chose a brightly colored entry door, consider choosing a wreath in contrasting color to really make it pop. Choose an array of different flora and fauna to give your wreath some visual interest. Perhaps consider changing your wreath with the seasons, too, so during fall you could represent the time of year by making a wreath from brightly colored fallen leaves. Spring is perfect for wreath-making, too, with an abundance of new growth. A wreath is a great opportunity to get creative and add some personality to your new front door. Be sure when hanging a wreath on your new door that you don’t damage the door itself. Over-the-door hangers or temporary hooks work well. If using a metal over-the-door hanger, consider adding felt pads to the door side to reduce the chance of scratching your door.


The front entry is a great place to introduce some plants. Plants can be one of the easiest and most effective ways of changing up the space. A popular option is to flank a door with matching planters of colorful flowers to set off the door and make the entrance grand. You can even choose fragrant flowers like lavender, jasmine, or even mint and rosemary to welcome visitors. A classic, lower maintenance option is to place a small potted shrub either side of your doorway, which looks elegant yet understated.

If your new door has glass or sidelights and lets light into your home, you could consider adding some plants inside your entryway. A little greenery is a simple home decor trick to bring a home to life.

Name/number sign

If your home's number is a little faded, now is the opportunity to refresh it, along with the purchase of your new front door. Update your home's number by choosing a different material to display it in; for example, switching from a wooden plaque to a golden metal number, or giving your house name a fresh coat of paint to match your new door. It's a small but simple way to give a style update to your new-look entranceway. Just be sure not to attach the number directly to the door itself - which could potentially void your warranty.

Vinyl decals are a popular option that give your door style without damaging it. Consider a vinyl decal for your house number, or to add a welcoming message to guests.

Whatever new addition you go for, make sure to experiment with a range of looks. Getting a new front door is an excellent opportunity for you to take a look at your home’s entrance, inside and out. Make sure that all of your elements work together to welcome in guests and make them feel at home.

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