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The Pros and Cons of Glass in Your New Entry Door


on September 6, 2018

Perhaps one of the biggest debates we see our customers have when they’ve decided to replace their front door is if they’ll be getting glass in their new door, and if so, how much. We wanted to break it down so homeowners can better understand their options and maybe even introduce some new options to consider.


As much as we all like to have the biggest and brightest on the block when it comes to beautiful homes, perhaps the one criteria that tops style is durability. When it comes to your entry door one of the top considerations our customers have is durability. You want to know that your entry door can withstand the elements. Pella has even challenged the Chicago Cubs to try to break our windows outside of Wrigley Field with home run hits. 


A full or half glass door lets all the light in. Unfortunately, it’s a two-way street. If you can see out, others can see in. In addition to being where you live, your home is your sanctuary. And as much as you like your neighbors, you still don’t want them peering into your living room through the front door. Some homes this wouldn’t be an issue for. It really comes down to your personal taste and situation. There are many options to fit your taste so that you don’t have to sacrifice or compromise on the amount of light you want in your home.


How much light you’d like to see and let into your home is so important but it’s also completely subjective. Some homeowners don’t feel the need to let any light into their entryway.  On the other hand, some homeowners can’t imagine having an entryway without a lot of light streaming through it. In addition to brightening the entryway, light can also affect how quickly your entryway can heat up, which is something a lot of homeowners forget to consider. Having options from full glass to no glass and everything in between allows you to tailor the amount of light to your desire. Frosted, opaque, and decorative glass are also great options as they let in light while also keeping up with each homeowner’s specific privacy needs.


The style of door you want is completely subjective.  And that’s okay! Pella offers many different styles and combinations to fit your home and budget. We’re also well-versed in working with existing conditions and restrictions to help homeowners achieve the style and performance they want in a new entry door system. Although glass is an important part of the selection process, there are other factors that can impact the style of your new entryway.  These may include:

  • Double door or single door
  • Material: steel or fiberglass
  • Hardware-style and color
  • Door color or stain
  • Transoms and sidelights

All of these options may seem overwhelming at first, but that’s why getting an in-home consultation can be so helpful. Our sales consultants work with our customers on entry door design and options on a daily basis and will be able to go through the pros and cons of each of them with you. To request an appointment click here.

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