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Finding the right sliding door


on December 6, 2017


Choosing the right sliding door for your home will do more than just let people in and out. It can transform the look and feel of your home. Your sliding door can let natural light in while keeping the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We know there are a variety of sliding door styles on the market to choose from, and the selection from Pella can fit the needs and design of your home.

Types of Sliding Doors

There are two common types of sliding doors, traditional sliding and multi-slide patio doors. The door you choose will depend on the style you are looking for and the amount of space you have to install the door, along with your climate and performance needs. Both the sliding and multi-slide doors come in a variety of finishes that make it simple to find the sliding door to match your home style.

Multi-slide patio doors

Multi-Slide Patio Door

Multi-slide patio doors are ideal if you have a large space with a lot of natural light and a picturesque view. The multi-slide door is available in Pella’s Architect Series that offers a variety of styles and features including the ability to configure up to 10 panels. The Architect Series can be configured at a 90-degree corner, curves or a straight line. They can also be configured to different openings like manual or automatic and panels that can travel from either side or a center opening.

Traditional Sliding Patio Doors

The traditional sliding patio door fits a variety of needs and home design styles. These doors come in a range of styles to fit not only your style but your budget.

Architect Series
Encompass Series Sliding Doors

Architect Series

With the Architect Series product, you can choose your style and your color from a variety of options. Available in both traditional and contemporary styles, you can find the right style that will match your home. This series is available in different wood finishes, so if you don't find the finish to match your home, you can paint it to match.

Pella Vinyl Sliding Doors

Pella vinyl sliding doors are designed for those who want a simple solution to their opening needs. The vinyl frame is low-maintenance and does not require painting. It is made of high quality vinyl that provides great performance. Pella vinyl sliding doors come at an affordable price point product line comes with the same quality craftsmanship that is backed by Pella.

Sliding patio door

Finding the sliding door that looks and feels right for you is not as hard as you might think. Just contact your local Pella Showroom. Whether you are installing new doors or updating sliding doors, you can view all types of Pella sliding patio doors and check out the available colors and finishes.

Schedule your free, no obligation in-home consultation today so you can discuss your sliding door options with a professional. Visit your Pella Showroom so you can see for yourself how your new Pella sliding patio door will give your home beauty you can be proud of, a curb appeal that adds value and convenience like the blinds between the glass options, and in-home consultations. You will save time and money while finding the right door for your home.

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