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3 Amazing Home Renovations


on October 4, 2021


3 Amazing Home Renovations

Everyone has a dream home. For some, it’s a suburban family home with a white picket fence and two-car garage, for others it's a lavish getaway far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In this article we’ll explore 3 amazing home renovations that made dreams like these become a reality.

A stunning home renovation

Starting our list off with a bang, we have a beautiful project from bloggers Chris loves Julia. This $250k stunning renovation has been two years in the making, but the results speak for themselves. Everything, from the garage to the roof, has been completely reworked. The design for the home was sketched by Studio Mcgee over several weeks, and after it was approved by the would-be homeowners, they set out to gather the contractors needed to have their vision realized. 

The siding, stonework, and garage were completely remodeled with incredible results, transforming the property from a cozy cottage into a sleek and ultra-modern-looking house. The backyard received a brand new firepit area, creating extra space to entertain guests and relax in the outdoors. Additionally, the front of the home was decorated with exterior gas lanterns to add a sense of ambiance when approaching the home. Having used Pella’s services in a previous remodel and being familiar with the quality of our products, Chris and Julia reached out to Pella again to play a role in revamping the home, this time by installing large, brand-new windows that further accentuate the spectacular work all the contractors did. Throughout the project, Chris and Julia knew they wanted their cottage home to be given a modern aesthetic, and to achieve this they set out to replace all the windows throughout the home.

Pella used black wood frame windows with expansive glass to contrast with the cottage aesthetic they had throughout the rest of their house, putting a modern spin on the classic cottage feel. Additionally, the wood-clad materials they chose to encase their windows also hold up remarkably well through Idaho’s harsh weather conditions, ensuring they’ll last for years to come. Furthermore, Pella installed a large custom arch window where a smaller window arrangement was before the house remodel. This allowed a massive amount of natural light to enter the room, while also giving Chris and Julia the ability to admire the beautiful landscaping of their backyard from the comfort of their new home. Lastly, the homeowners said deciding where the new bathroom window would go to strike the best balance between looking great from the outside, while also being practical from the inside was a tough decision, but felt that they ultimately landed in a good spot. We agree!

A Modern Home in a Golden Valley

The owners of this eye-catching home in Minnesota’s Golden Valley had been working alongside Pella since 2013. The owners were aiming for a minimalistic aesthetic that was also energy efficient, so Pella set out to achieve these goals by utilizing our Lifestyle and Impervia series of windows. In this case, the Impervia and Lifestyle series were chosen by Pella as they offered a maximum visible glass and profile look to their home, giving it the chic and streamlined appearance the owners were looking for. 

In fact, during the first phase of the project, Pella replaced the windows in their living room, and the owners were so pleased with Pella’s work that, to date, Pella has not received any additional questions from the owners. The rest of the renovation was also extensive, with sliding patio doors being added to the back of the home, slim fixed windows and casement windows being added in the front of the house, and even fiberglass windows being added into the garage. At the moment, Pella has one last phase that they are looking to add to the remodel as the owners are looking to replace the windows within their master bedroom, as well as adding additional doors to the home. We can’t wait to see the final result!

An award-winning remodel

For our final entry, we have an award-winning kitchen remodel from a lovely home located in Havertown, Philadelphia. This house is unique from our other entries as it aims entirely at creating a complete kitchen renovation. The owners got in contact with Third Generation Contracting, and in turn, Third Generation Contracting got in contact with Pella for us to handle the windows replacement aspect of the project. The main goals of the project were challenging, as not only did the Pella team have to allow more natural light to pour into the room, but they also needed to closely match an existing door, which was not from a previous Pella project. The owners didn’t want to replace the door, so Pella needed to create wood windows that could complement the previously existing look of the door, with stain to match, alongside adding maximum visible glass.

In the end, the results speak for themselves. The kitchen wound up winning the Delchester NARI award for best residential kitchen, and our team couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Building the house of your dreams

When it comes to building or renovating the house of your dreams, consider the many design decisions that only grow alongside the scope of the project. While many contractors or subcontractors will likely be needed to make your vision reality, Pella offers an incredibly robust selection of windows, patio and entry doors that can fit into any project and truly make a statement about your house . 

As with any major investment decision, there will be many factors to consider when deciding if it's worthwhile to renovate your home. But if you’re ready to begin a remodel,. look to the experts at Pella Windows and Doors for guidance, advice, and help along the way.

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