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Windows for More Natural Light


on September 9, 2022

Natural light is one of the most sought after features of home design. There is something unique and refreshing about maximizing your home’s connection with the outdoors by bathing it in natural light. From electric savings to making the most of daylight during fall and winter’s shorter days, there are so many reasons to let the sun in. Here are some benefits of welcoming more sunlight in your home, energy efficiency considerations, and some of the best window styles for bringing the light in. 

Benefits of Sunlight in Your Home

There are many benefits to incorporating more sunlight in your home, but some of the strongest range from improved mental health to healthier houseplants and lower utilities. 

Keep Your Body Clock Tuned In

Exposure to natural light as opposed to artificial light keeps your body in tune with its circadian rhythm, which has been proven to improve sleep quality. Too much artificial light confuses your body’s internal clock and can lead to restless sleep or trouble falling asleep. 

Reduce Electric Costs

More natural light in your home during the day means fewer artificial lights are needed within your home, which saves you on utility costs, especially during the spring and summer when days are longer. 

Improve Mood and Productivity

Sunlight provides a critical element of physical and mental health: vitamin D. And the best news is, sunlight doesn’t discriminate - indoor sunlight exposure does just as much good as outdoor exposure. That means the more natural light you have in your home (preferably coming from all directions so you have access throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky), the more opportunity you have for extra vitamin D absorption.  

Keep Houseplants Happy

We’ve talked about the benefits of having houseplants in your home before, and exposure to sunlight is critical to your plants’ health. With adequate natural light, you can grow a wider variety of plants, herbs, and more to add extra touches of life to your home. 

Energy Efficiency and Natural Light 

Another great benefit of windows that provide more natural light is improving the overall energy efficiency of your home. 


The amount of benefit you receive will depend on your region and the time of year. For example, in northern regions of the United States, ENERGY STAR ratings require glass that lets more light through whereas in southern regions, the requirements dictate the use of glass that lets less light through. Find the right balance of natural light and climate control to maximize your home’s energy efficiency

Window Styles for More Natural Light

Regardless of the ENERGY STAR requirements in your region, certain window types provide more light by the nature of their design. Here are a few styles to consider if you’re hoping to brighten up your home. 

Picture Windows

Picture windows feature uninterrupted panes of glass and can be ordered in large sizes to allow for maximum light exposure. They are one of the best options on the market for increased natural light. However, picture windows are inoperable, so if you’re looking for a window that you can open and close as desired, you may be better suited with a single-hung window or a double-hung window.  Or, you can combine operable and inoperable windows to create a beautiful window design that lets the light in and allows for better ventilation. 

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are an operable window choice that provide beautiful wide views and easy-to-use functionality. Combined in various sizes or with single-hung windows on either side, you can create stunning views that let in plenty of natural light. 

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are comprised of three or more windows joined at an angle that extends out from the exterior of the home. They not only create additional space indoors, but because they extend from the rest of the home, they offer additional light that other areas may not receive due to eaves or roofing shadows. This style of window captures light from multiple angles, making it a unique choice when considering light sources.

Get High Quality Windows for Better Natural Light With Pella

Getting more natural light in your home can make your interior design choices shine, benefit your emotional and physical wellbeing, and help minimize energy costs throughout the year. There are many reasons to want better sunlight in your home, and Pella is here to help. 

If you’re ready to add some windows that let the sunshine into your home, request a consultation with Pella professionals today to get started. We’ll help you determine the best styles, colors, and features to get the best results.

Schedule a free consultation to find windows and doors for your home.