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Flourishing Fall Colors for Your Replacement Wood Windows


on November 23, 2021

There are many reasons why fall is a universally beloved season, including its signature color palette that combines vibrant hues with warm neutrals and radiates coziness despite the cooler temperatures. It’s no surprise one would want their home to maintain that autumnal ambiance year-round, and what better way to do it than selecting fall tones for your replacement windows? 

Window Color Options

Before you can even pick a color (or colors), you need to select a material for your new windows. Surprisingly, your replacement window material plays a huge part in color availability. Timeless neutrals like Black, Brown and White are available for wood, fiberglass and vinyl windows. Vinyl offers slightly more flexibility than fiberglass with Almond and Fossil options, as well as the ability to have White interior frames with Brown or Black exteriors. Both vinyl and fiberglass are low-maintenance, durable and energy-efficient materials that pair well with a multitude of architectural and design styles, and while their colors are limited, they’re undeniably well-suited to every season.

Wood windows offer the most variety when it comes to color, and you won’t have to sacrifice energy-efficiency and durability for style. Let’s start with the interior options, shall we?

Interior Wood Stains

The primary difference between stain and paint is that stain soaks into wood while paint sits atop it. So, if you want to maintain the look of natural wood, opt for a stained finish. Our brown and black stains range from light (Natural) to dark (Red Mahogany, Dark Mahogany, Espresso, Charcoal and Black), with medium-brown shades (Golden Oak, Early American and Provincial) in between.

Interior Wood Paints

If the look of wood isn’t for you but the customization and efficiency are, keep things light with Bright White, White or Linen White prefinished painted interior frames. We even offer a Primed option so you can choose your own unique color and paint it yourself, minus the tedious priming stage.

Exterior Wood Finishes

Our exterior wood window frames are clad in aluminum for added durability and resistance to fading. The color options run the neutrals gamut with shades of brown (Fossil, Portobello, Putty, Almond and Soft Linen), gray (Iron Ore, Pearl Gray, Satin Steel, Matte Gray and Wolf Gray) and of course, Black and White. But why stop there? We’ve also got hues of green (Hartford Green and Sage) and red (Brick Red and Spice Red) that have fall written all over them. Not to mention the endless custom colors you can opt for.

Considerations to Help You Choose a Window Color

With so many options available, making a final decision can be tough. To help make things easier, ask yourself these questions.

What Do I Want to Match My Windows To?

Do you prefer your windows to blend in with the siding on your home or stand out? Are you trying to match them to a trim or an entry door? Maybe you’re looking to add a bit of variety to an otherwise monotone color scheme. Whatever the reason, making sure your window color fits with the overall look of your home is of the utmost importance.

What Colors Do I Like?

With that being said, just because a color matches your home doesn’t mean you have to go with it, especially if you don’t like it. Remember, high-quality windows can last for years. That’s a long time to look at something you don’t like! Be sure to evaluate all of your color options and pick one you’ll be happy to see for years to come.

To explore those options, as well as the various materials and styles available, turn to the experts at Pella. Visit any of our showrooms throughout the US and Canada to see our offerings firsthand, or simply reach out to us online. We’ll help you find the best replacement windows that suit your color preferences and your home’s style.

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