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Prairie Style Windows: Get the Look


on February 7, 2022


This year, prairie style windows have made their way back to the home design scene. Let’s talk about what defines a prairie window and how you can incorporate this resurging trend into your home’s design in 2022 and beyond. 

What is a Prairie Style Window? 

For many new and long-time homeowners, the phrase “prairie window” may be unfamiliar. To start, let’s define what a “prairie window” is. In short, a prairie window is a large window with a little geometric flair. 

Prairie style windows feature a large expanse of uninterrupted glass with a thin grille on  the perimeter of the window. This unique grille feature has led some to call them perimeter windows, but perimeter and prairie windows are one in the same.

Homes That Suit Prairie Style Windows 

Not every home’s front facade or construction will make a perfect fit for prairie style windows. So how can you know if it’s right for yours?  

Contemporary Architecture 

While prairie windows typically bring to mind classic and traditional design, they have found a place in contemporary architecture as well. When pairing prairie windows with contemporary builds, an eye for aligning angles and choosing standout spaces is key . 

Farmhouse Feel 

Let’s face it - they’re called prairie windows for a reason.   Prairie windows can easily give a quaint country feel that lends itself incredibly well to the recent resurgence of farmhouse design. Prairie windows also make an excellent companion for corrugated siding and upcycled wood furniture. A little wicker and plaid never hurt, either. There’s no better time than 2022 to make your own modern Little House on the Prairie, and prairie style windows are the perfect way to bring your homesteading dreams to life. 

Geometric Enhancement

Prairie windows provide a point of visual interest. They do this by incorporating straight lines and angles into their design. This makes them an excellent companion to geometric styles and architecture that also focuses on straight lines and sharp angles. 

Pros and Cons of Prairie Style Windows

Pro: Prairie Windows are Stylish and Classic 

These windows have transcended their original implementation for a reason. They work well with a variety of home types and can add style to most homes without letting go of their classic roots. 

Con: Some View Prairie Windows as Too Traditional 

For some homeowners, the addition of grilles of any kind to a window make the home feel too traditional. If your home’s aesthetic is hyper-modern, prairie windows may not be for you. 

Pro: Prairie Windows Provide Visual Interest 

Look, we love windows. We’ve dedicated everything we are to high-quality window and door craftsmanship. But even we can admit that sometimes, windows can look a little bit boring. Prairie style windows add a point of visual interest with the perimeter grilles that might be just what your home needs to feel a little more lively.

Con: Prairie Windows Can Feel Busy 

On the other hand, depending on your interior design style or the rest of your home’s facade, the grilles may make your home’s windowscape feel busy. If your home’s architecture already features a lot of exterior detail on siding, porches, friezes, eaves, and dormers, prairie windows run the risk of making the facade feel cluttered. 

How to Design With Prairie Style Windows 

Make Your Window a Centerpiece 

The beauty of an artisan window like a prairie style window is that you can make it a design focal point in your home. Fill the space of the window with furniture, houseplants, or other eye-catching design elements that will draw the attention of passersby. If you want to go even further, consider borrowing a little inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright like the owners of this house in Denver did. 

Go All Out on the Farmhouse Trend

If you’ve been waiting for inspiration to live your farmhouse dreams, here it is! Start by installing prairie style windows. The grille detailing and wide expanse of glass provides ample natural lighting and a perfect launching point for the farmhouse sink you’ve been eyeing and that butcher block countertop you’ve been dreaming of. The farmhouse trend is all about making our homes a cozy oasis where nature, homemaking, and relaxation all meet. Designing with this intersection in mind is your key to farmhouse chic success. 

Keep it Modular 

Utilize the angles of prairie windows to your benefit, and incorporate the grille pattern into other design elements in your home. Matte your artwork or photography to mimic the look of the window. Choose straight lines when deciding on a stair railing or when arranging your furniture. Incorporating some pieces of mid-century modern furniture can help break up the angular feel without ruining the modular vibe you’re working with. 

Lean into Traditional Design

If what brought you to prairie style windows in the first place was their traditional roots, why not lean in? Bring back elements of traditional home design aesthetic in your furniture choices, rug placements and more. Traditional design is making a comeback in 2022. Seek out antique pieces to complement the windows’ organic feel. Try double hung prairie windows for a truly traditional look. Utilize biophilic design (another 2022 design trend) to balance the neutral tones with pops of greenery and create the nostalgic oasis you deserve. 

Whether you’re taking your inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright, Little Women, or simply looking for a nostalgic refresh this year, schedule a consultation with Pella’s window experts and ask about prairie style windows for your home today.

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