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4 Tips to Sell Your House Fast


on February 1, 2020


It’s no small step — selling a house means change. Big change. And deciding when you’re ready to sell is an intimidating task in and of itself. That’s why, when it does come time to sell, you’ll likely want the process to go quickly and smoothly. We know it might be hard to believe quick and smooth are words even worth muttering when it comes to something as unpredictable as the housing market. But, if you follow these four tips, your house-selling journey is sure to be as easy as possible.

1. Quick Design Fix: Open Concept

Selling your house can be made a lot simpler if it conforms to contemporary design trends. One popular style that has been, and likely will stay, in fashion is the open floor plan. Kitchens and family rooms are prime time hangout areas for families, so why keep them separate? Homebuyers prefer a seamless flow from one room to the next, a connected space that allows them to keep one eye on the kids and the other eye on dinner. 

If you don’t currently have an open floor plan, here are a few pointers to make your space feel open without having to rip down any walls.

Let In Light

A little light makes a big difference. Daylight actually can make a room feel larger. An investment in larger windows can allow more light to rush into your room. A combination bay window could do just the trick, as they jut out beyond the walls, adding space, and light, to any room. Adding a large mirror across from your bay windows could help amplify space even more by reflecting daylight throughout the entirety of a room. 

Color Change 

Dark-colored décor and furniture can cramp a room, sucking out space and making it feel much smaller than it actually is. Try adding in lighter colors where you can. Repaint dark cabinets or walls, swap out your rug for staging purposes or apply a brighter finish or paint color to your window frames. Fortunately, Pella has a variety of bright paint colors and finishes to choose from, including Bright White and Linen White.

Invigorate Your Walls

Differentiating your walls from the ceiling can trick your eyes, making you think the ceiling is actually higher than it is. Chair rails, wainscoting and molding can help create this effect, producing a space that looks a lot larger, and more seamless, than it is in reality.

Exterior of well maintained home with white trim windows.

2. Get Your House Ready: Curb Appeal 

Since it’s the first thing potential buyers will see, whether they’re checking your house out online or in-person, the outside of your home has to make a great first impression. The exterior of a home should reflect the lifestyle the homebuyer envisions for their future. 

Quality windows are a major contributor to increasing curb appeal. Most homebuyers are looking for a newer build, but older homes that look new have a great chance on the market as well. Matching your windows’ style to your home’s architecture is key to avoiding an uneven aesthetic. Chances are, if you’re selling a traditional property, you have plenty of double-hung windows. Fortunately, Pella offers a range of double-hung material and style options so you’ll surely find a fit for your soon-to-be-sold home. 

Front entrances also have a dramatic impact on curb appeal. A new entry door can give your home a beautiful and luxurious look. Consider a Fiberglass door with decorative glass to stand out from those other houses for sale on your block. 

And don’t forget the little things. A new rug, a fresh coat of paint or some new shutters can freshen up your home’s curb appeal and push it over the edge for a potential homebuyer.

3. Smart Home Technology Sells Houses

Today’s homebuyers expect technology everywhere throughout their homes. Thankfully, bringing your home into the 21st century doesn’t have to break the bank. If you do opt for a new set of windows or doors, choosing Pella’s factory-installed, hidden security sensors will automatically boost the technological capabilities of your home. 

Along with the free app, Pella Insynctive Technology sensors allow users to monitor whether or not windows and doors are closed and locked, see when doors or windows are opened and closed and raise or lower motorized blinds automatically. All this possible from your phone, from anywhere in the world.2

With a few other additions, like smart thermostats and lightbulbs, potential homebuyers are sure to be impressed with how cutting-edge your home is.

Interior of home with child resting on rug, playing with cat.

4. Energy Efficiency Moves Homes 

Anything that might save money in the long-term is seen as a significant benefit by homebuyers. This is especially true for homebuyers with children or who might be looking to start a family in their new home. It’s no surprise, then, that energy-efficient windows and doors are at the top of the list of desirables for buyers. 

In fact, most homebuyers seek ENERGY STAR® certified windows. More than a third consider them a must-have1. Quality glass and manufacturing, as well as an excellent reputation, make Pella a strong choice for products that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® requirements. Pella utilizes the latest materials like insulating glass with argon to keep a window’s surface from getting too hot or too cold, making the inside environment comfortable. Combined with Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass coatings that reflect heat energy, Pella windows and doors will help make your home all the more appealing to homebuyers. Consider the Pella® Lifestyle Series of wood windows. Available performance solutions offer an unbeatable combination of energy efficiency, sound control and value.* Increasing energy efficiency in your home can also be achieved by adding tint and insulation to existing windows or by getting a new door. 

A few small investments could make a dramatic difference during the selling process. New windows and doors offer the chance to revitalize a piece of real estate, making it all the more attractive to homebuyers. And with Pella, the journey from FOR SALE to SOLD is likely to be a smooth one.

1Housing Preferences of the Boomer Generation, National Association of Home Builders, 2016, p.19

2Requires connection to compatible home automation system and smart device. 

*Performance solutions offering an unbeatable combination of energy efficiency, sound control and value, require upgrades to triple-pane, AdvancedComfort Low-E and mixed glass thickness. Based on comparing product quotes and published STC/OITC and U-Factor ratings of leading national wood window and patio door brands.

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