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Everything You Need to Know About Home Window Installation


on July 24, 2019

Pella van parked in front of home with two men carrying replacement window

If you’re considering new or replacement windows for your home, you likely have a few questions. Whether you’re simply gathering knowledge before an in-home consultation or are eagerly anticipating the big installation day, we want you to feel comfortable about the home window installation process and arm you with the best information possible.

Window Installation methods

There are two different window installation methods — pocket installation and full-frame installation. With a pocket installation, only the sash of the old window is removed and the new window is then placed into the existing frame. While this installation process tends to be quicker, and typically takes about an hour per window, pocket installation does limit you to replacing only within the existing opening. 

Full-frame installation, however, can change the opening to accommodate new window shapes and sizes. With full-frame installation, installers remove the entire window — frame, trim, and all — and put a completely new window with new frame, trim, and insulation in its place. Because this method involves work on both the inside and outside of the home, it is more time- and labor-intensive.

Man replacing double-hung window on a brick home

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until my windows get installed?

While the time it takes from order to install will vary based on project size and seasonality, it is our goal to be able to schedule the actual installation start and finish date at the time of your purchase.

How long will the installation take?

The length of installation will depend on the size of the project, but our systems allow your local Pella representative to determine the approximate number of hours or days the installation process will take based on the scope of your project.

How much disruption will installation cause?

While we try to make the installation process as easy as possible for you, there is some disruption and noise associated with replacing windows. However, you are not required to vacate the home during installation. Pocket installation causes minimal disruption while full-frame installation requires a bit more labor as installers will be working on both the inside and outside of your home. When they are done, you can expect your installers to clean up after themselves and leave their work area cleaner than when they arrived. 

How can I prepare my home for window replacement?

Prior to installation, we recommend deactivating any alarm systems connected to your windows, trimming shrubs or other landscaping that might be in the way of your windows, clearing the work area of any fragile or delicate items, and covering furniture. On the installation day, we recommend keeping children and pets away from the work zone.  

What happens if there is a problem or delay?

If there is an issue, don’t panic. Your installer will contact the local branch office to work on a resolution and communicate the plan to you. 

Who will be installing my windows? Are they Pella employees or subcontractors?

We do use subcontractors that are certified annually as Pella Expert Installers. Your local Pella branch fully warranties both the product and the installation.

Are the installers licensed and insured?

Yes. We require all of our installers to complete full background checks and to be fully licensed and insured.

Do I need to be present during the entire installation process?

No. Once you have given the installers any special instructions they need to be aware of you are free to come and go as needed. 

Will the old windows be taken away?

Yes. We will always haul your old windows away, unless you have indicated that you would like to keep them. 

At Pella, our goal is to make the window replacement process as seamless as possible for you so you can relax and enjoy the beautiful new windows in your home. Your friendly local Pella representative is always happy to answer any of your questions and will communicate with you every step of the way, from the initial free consultation to a post-installation follow-up.

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