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Bathroom Windows That Provide Privacy and Enhance Your Home Design


on October 19, 2022


Bathrooms are an oft-overlooked room when it comes to window design, but choosing the right windows and pairing them with the perfect window treatment creates a spa-like environment you can proudly retreat to without sacrificing natural light or privacy. Let’s walk through some of the best windows for bathroom spaces and the benefits of each choice.

light and airy bathroom with casement windows

Add Casement Windows for Maximum Light and Airflow

Offering an uncluttered view and exceptional airflow, casement windows are best suited for bathrooms where privacy isn’t an issue. If your bathroom faces a fenced area, a casement window creates a stunning naturally-lit space. Incorporate a window treatment like Roman or Venetian blinds for privacy control without sacrificing the look and light you desire.

a bathroom with window wall featuring awning windows

Place Awning Windows High to Create a Soothing Oasis

Choosing the right windows for your bathroom is a balancing act of personal taste, function, and privacy. Keep your bathroom a private space where you can relax and enjoy an hours-long bubble bath without worry by placing windows higher. Top-level bathrooms may benefit from the incorporation of skylights or windows installed on a gable. For lower-level bathrooms, install transom windows or small awning windows on the top third of your wall height. 

Alternatively, unique glass choices such as frosted glass or wave glass can provide privacy without blocking all sunlight. These glass choices diffuse natural light, enhancing the relaxing vibe of your home’s master or guest bathroom.

beautiful white bathroom with marble countertops and double-hung windows

Double-Hung Windows Let Fresh Air In

For smaller bathrooms, consider double-hung or single-hung windows. These windows include a sash that allows the window to slide up (and down for double-hung windows) to let fresh air in without requiring the window to extend beyond the home’s exterior wall. These classic windows can be sized appropriately to fit a small footprint.

As the most popular window style found in American homes, double-hung windows complement a variety of architectural and decorative styles. This makes them a popular replacement window.

Get a Unique Look With Window Treatments

Window treatments like unique blinds, trendy curtains, and even indoor shutters bring a bathroom window look together while offering additional privacy.

Sheer curtains diffuse light to create a calming atmosphere, Roman blinds in a bold pattern add a sophisticated touch. Full length curtains offer a more traditional feel, and pairing blinds with cafe shutters gives you complete control over light and privacy levels. Pairing the right window treatment with the exceptional performance and energy efficiency that Pella windows provide ensures that your bathroom stays stylish and comfortable all year long. 

Find Your Ideal Bathroom Windows with Pella

Installing the right windows make small spaces, powder rooms, expansive ensuite bathrooms and full-scale at-home spas thrive. Choosing the window that sits at the perfect intersection of privacy, performance, and style for your home and personal preferences is  much easier when you work with the professionals at Pella. Request a consultation today and work with our experts to find the ideal bathroom windows that meet your needs.

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