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4 Ways to Enhance Bay Windows


on December 18, 2017


Bay windows can be large and prominent, which can make them a main focal point of your room. While they provide lots of natural light and can improve your home’s look and feel, bay windows can present unique design challenges: how to dress them, how to work with non-traditional wall arrangements, and how to make them feel like a natural extension of your home.

A popular bay window configuration consists of three angled window panes: a fixed center window, flanked by two venting side panels. They fit best in exterior wall spaces 40 inches or larger. These windows come in different varieties, most commonly octagonal, hexagonal, or square.

In addition to configuration preferences, bay windows from Pella are available in different materials with customizable finishes and hardware selections. They’re a popular choice for homeowners, and for good reason. Bay windows add flair and elegance to a home, in addition to a spot to sit and enjoy the view.

Bay window dressing

Bay Window Ideas

1. Bay window dressing

Curtains can be an excellent way to dress your bay window. Long bay window curtains can enhance your windows. To draw attention to the window, consider bright colors or patterns. Neutrals will help the bay window area blend more naturally into your room decor. Hang curtains high up, close to the ceiling, and make sure they almost brush the ground. To maximize the natural light in your room, try arranging your curtain panels with an overhang over the wall edge of the window. This makes your bay window appear even larger, without obstructing the window or covering up the extra space. As an alternative to curtains, bay window shutters are another great option.

Bay window seat ideas

2. Bay window seat ideas

You may have an opportunity to create a bay window seat — popular options in bedrooms and living areas. Depending on the framing around your window, adding a window seat to your bay window could provide you additional seating — or a cozy area to read, relax, or look out the window. Depending on the framing around your window, adding a window seat to your bay window provides you additional seating. Adding cushions and pillows can convert the seat into a cozy area to read, relax, or look out the window.

A bay window in a kitchen or dining room could be used as a breakfast nook. Add a bench, a table, and a couple of chairs to create a relaxing place to enjoy your morning coffee. The goal is to make the area look comfy and a part of the house. But it’s also a place where you can show off your style and get creative.

3. Bay window decorating ideas

Every room has a unique focal point, where your eye is immediately drawn to that defining feature or area. Bay windows add unique architectural interest to a room and can serve as the room’s focal point. This focal point can be enhanced through design to make the room more inviting, beautiful, and eye-catching. To do this, design the room around your bay windows. This means positioning your decorations and furniture so it faces the window.

Another way to draw attention to your bay windows and accentuate the space is to make good use of the natural light and place or hang some small houseplants on (or around) the window.

Bay window furniture placement

4. Bay window furniture placement

Adding furniture around your bay windows can help to define your focal point, but it can be difficult to place furniture in a way that doesn’t obstruct the light coming in. A bay window can anchor your room design. Depending on your room, you could consider adding a desk to create a small home office. Or create symmetry by placing two accent chairs with a small side table to create a cozy nook to entertain guests before or after dinner. Placing a larger piece of furniture, such as a sofa, across from a bay window can help to balance a room and draw attention to the window as a focal point.

Bay windows are a unique feature in a home, and they can be used in a variety of ways. How will you use yours?

If you’re considering adding or replacing bay windows, visit your local Pella Showroom to choose from a wide variety of Pella bay windows.

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