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Black Window Frames: The Latest in Home Design


on May 11, 2020


Black is back. Or maybe it never left. The color has always stood for elegance. Yet, most windows and design styles have long stuck to white and neutral tones.

Until now. Black window frames are on the rise. It’s one of the latest trends in modern design. The timeless sophistication of the color can fit many other styles, too — inside and outside of your house.

What’s Behind the Black Window Trend

Homeowners and builders are choosing black windows when designing eye-catching rooms or beautiful homes. The black window trend may feel new and fresh. But like many design movements, it’s actually a revival of an older trend. Black windows were first seen when steel and aluminum were popular window materials in the early 20th century. They’ve experienced a resurgence and are some of the trendiest products because:

  • Black is sleek. Simple black lines establish a dramatic look for your home. Black-framed exterior windows, front doors and sliding doors are trendsetting thanks to their versatility. Regardless of the house, they can offer a current touch to your home. Black trim windows can contrast current design with a strong attachment to the outdoors, subtly combining outdoor and indoor feels.
  • Black frames expansive glass with clean lines. Homeowners are looking for more simplicity in home design. Distinct edges and defined lines fit the bill. Rooms with black windows make a frame to incorporate the view into your homes with large, non-obtrusive windows and lift-and-slide patio doors. The result: clean sightlines, dramatic scenery, more natural light and a stylish look that is often more budget-friendly than you’d expect.
  • Black window trim provides dramatic contrast. When a black window interior is matched with neutral walls or black exterior is complemented with white trim, a home suddenly takes on a distinct contrasting look that draws in the eye without overtaking the design.
  • Black is modern but timeless. There’s a reason that the look of a “little black dress” never goes out of style. No matter what styles come and go, a clean black line can create a subtle, but dramatic impact. Whether it’s painted wood, vinyl or fiberglass window frames, the understated element of a black window frame will continue to be modern and timeless for years to come.

Black Windows Go With Any Exterior Color Palette

You know black is a versatile color in your wardrobe. It goes with everything. The same can be said of your home. Brick or stone, light or dark siding, black complements any color palette. 

That can do wonders for your interior design, no matter your home’s style. And because this simple look accents your room on its own, adding black frame windows into your home design makes window treatments unnecessary.

Black windows can have just as big of an impact on the exterior of your home. It provides stark contrast that outlines your window opening, highlights the architectural interest of your window style and can even create a focal point on the front of your home.

If you’re toying with the idea of black exterior windows, take a look at these exquisite color combinations to upgrade your curb appeal.

Black windows with white trim

Black windows with white trim

Black and white is a classic pairing. They are complete opposites and provide the most color contrast, making the windows pop. This modern farmhouse uses black double-hung windows with white trim throughout the front of the home. The homeowners took the idea a step further and painted the trim of their garage doors black to give them the same framing effect.

Double the black

On a white or light-colored home, black windows with black trim can make your windows look like art hanging in a gallery. The all-black windows make the outlines of the openings look bolder and thicker. Around large windows, it can bring out the beauty of your home’s interior.

Black windows with red brick
Black windows with brick exterior

Black windows on red brick

With lighter red brick and stripes of white brick, the design of this downtown Philadelphia home lends itself to a dark, contrasting color in the windows. Wood casement windows with black aluminum cladding add a beautiful aesthetic to the brick building.

Even on darker red brick, black provides contemporary contrast. The wood windows update the curb appeal of this brick home. The black frames also complement the colors of the darker bricks scattered across the facade.

Black window frames on stone

On stone, black window frames provide more than a pop of a dark, bold color. They offer a contrast in both style and material. Black windows bring a sleek, modern look to natural stone. They also help draw your eye to the darker stones that add interest and character to stone homes.

Black windows with dark siding
Black framed exterior windows

Black windows with dark siding

Black provides a great contrast to light colors. But what about dark colors? Dark blue is the dominant color in the exterior paint scheme of this contemporary new home in eastern Iowa. But with a splash of white on the trim, black window frames still complement the overall color palette without making it look too dark or heavy. On the back of the home, the builders went without the white trim and the windows still look sleek and defined. Don't forget how the addition or absence of a grille pattern and window hardware finish can both play up your home's architectural style. 

Like a Sharpie or bold print, black adds emphasis to anything it touches. On windows, black emphasizes the clean lines and the style choices of your home investment. Whether you’re looking to add a modern touch to your home or create an aesthetic unique in your neighborhood, black windows make an impact.

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