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What Color Windows Should You Choose?


on September 15, 2023

Your home’s facade serves as a first impression to the world, and windows play a pivotal role in this introduction. The window color you choose can accentuate or downplay exterior home colors, meaning your window color needs to be more than an afterthought.

With a rising trend of homeowners making bolder window color choices, understanding the best window frame colors for your personal aesthetic means exploring a broader range of options than ever before. Here’s what you need to know to make the best choice for your home.

Why Window Color Matters

The harmony of your home’s curb appeal is often determined by how well your window color and exterior home colors complement each other. A perfectly chosen window frame can make exteriors pop, while mismatched colors detract from an otherwise flawless facade. Additionally, windows offer a unique way to give your home character, from traditional elegance to bold modernism and everything in between.

White windows set against a neutral color scheme Craftsman style home
Image shows modern home with black window frames set against wood exterior

The Most Popular Window Color Choices

While tastes in window colors vary across the spectrum, two undeniable staples have consistently found favor among homeowners. The timeless allure of white and black window frames is impossible to deny.

White Windows

The popularity of white windows has never waned. These windows offer a versatile look that seamlessly blends with almost every architectural style and color palette. Particularly suitable for quaint, traditional homes, they also add a touch of modern minimalism to contemporary designs. The neutrality of white allows homeowners to explore color in other ways across their home exterior.

Black Windows

Black windows exude boldness and sophistication with a striking contrast in many installations. Demand for black windows has skyrocketed in recent years, especially for homes with modern or industrial designs. In the right setting, these windows can create a dynamic appearance with a lighter exterior to make a house stand out.

Tan or Cream color window frames against siding and brick color stone
red windows against natural wood siding

Bold Window Color Trends

Window color trends have significantly changed as homeowner preferences have evolved. Beyond the classic staples that have been and always will be popular, there’s a new wave of shades capturing the attention of contemporary designers and homeowners alike. Here are some of the trendiest emerging colors and how to use them to complement your home’s aesthetic.

Tan Windows

Striking a harmonious balance between the vivid contrasts of white and black, tan windows emerge as an elegant choice. These windows offer an understated appearance that allows the rest of the home to stand out. Especially resonant with homes having earthy tones or rustic themes, they radiate warmth and charm.

Navy Windows

A color that has steadily gained traction, navy windows provide a relaxed, sophisticated touch. They blend beautifully with white or gray exteriors and add depth to homes with brick or stone finishes. These windows also evoke a classic style while offering a fresh twist on traditional color palettes.

Gray Windows

Gray windows are perfect for those who seek a neutral color but want a more contemporary feel for their home. Gray windows offer a modern twist, pairing exceptionally well with numerous exterior home colors, especially lighter shades, providing a contrast that's subtle yet pronounced. These factors make gray windows an excellent choice for those looking to make a statement without taking a big risk.

Brown Windows

Brown windows speak volumes about elegance and refined taste by adding an air of luxury to your home. They work well with stonework exteriors and homes with a more classical architectural bend. Brown window frames also serve as a perfect backdrop for large green landscapes, enhancing the rich beauty of outdoor settings.

Green Windows

For those inclined towards a nature-inspired palette, muted green window frames can provide a serene and organic touch. Green windows also work exceptionally well for homes surrounded by lush landscapes, as these windows can complement already impressive green spaces.

natural wood windows

Tips to Choose the Right Window Color for Your Home

Choosing the ideal window color is about more than chasing trends. It’s about finding the right fit for your home architecture and personal tastes. To help you find the best window option for your home, consider these factors:

  • Assess your home’s exterior color palette. Consider your dominant exterior home colors before diving into a window color decision. Your goal should be to find a complementary hue that amplifies the charm of your outdoor space.
  • Stay up to date with home trends. While it’s important not to chase trends, it’s equally important to avoid selecting windows that will soon be out of style. Keep an eye on home improvement blogs and TV shows for evolving popular window colors and fresh pairing trends, especially if you may be making a move in the future.
  • Consider functionality. Aesthetic appeal aside, your window frame color can have a functional aspect too. Light-colored frames might be your best bet for warmer climates, reflecting more sunlight and keeping interiors cooler.
  • Take inspiration from the neighborhood. Personalization is important, but so is neighborhood harmony. Take note of other local homes’ colors so that your home stands out for the right reasons rather than being a neighborhood eyesore.

Consult a Pella Window Expert to Find Windows You’ll Love

Your home's color palette plays an essential role in crafting your home's visual identity and narrative. Whether refurbishing historic charm in a century home or creating your haven in a contemporary condo, aligning your window colors with prevailing home styles and trends is a surefire way to maximize visual appeal.

For those unsure where to begin with the window buying process, it can be helpful to consult with an expert. Schedule a free consultation with a Pella window professional, and lean on their expertise to help make your home a neighborhood gem.

Schedule a free consultation to find windows and doors for your home.