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Windows to Instantly Improve Your Curb Appeal


on May 9, 2022

Most homeowners in the Northeast want their house to be the pride of the neighborhood. Whether you’re looking to improve curb appeal before a sale or simply want to showcase how beautiful your home can be, your window choices can make a huge difference in curb appeal. Let’s discover why windows matter to your home’s facade and how to choose windows that can make your Northeastern home the envy of the block. 

Architectural Unity 

When the windows on your house are in harmony with the architectural style of the build, the unity creates an appealing facade. Each architectural style pairs best with different windows, so identifying your home’s architectural style is a great way to narrow your window options.

Homes in the Northeast typically fall into one of the following architectural categories: 

  • Colonial Style
  • Georgian Houses
  • Adam-Style (or Federal) 
  • Greek Revival
  • Victorian

If you’re unsure of your home’s architectural style, there are still a number of ways to choose windows that enhance its natural design and boost its curb appeal. 

Bold Frames 

Windows with thick frames create a focal point for your home’s exterior design. However, choosing a bold window design doesn’t necessarily mean choosing a busy window design. Bold frames can pack a visual punch without detracting from the rest of the exterior. For example, picture windows, sliding windows and casement windows all offer thick, sturdy frames with or without grilles. 

Wood windows complement many home styles commonly found in the Northeast. For an added pop, choose a stain or paint color for wooden windows that provides a point of contrast for your home’s color palette.

Enhance Unique Features 

Every home has unique features that can be a highlight or an eyesore depending on how you handle them. With the right windows, you can emphasize those special quirks instead of allowing them to detract from your home’s appearance. 

Of course, choosing a window from a catalog is not always the easiest way to handle unique design elements, and that’s where Pella’s extensive inventory and expertise comes in. With choices like special shape and custom designed windows, improving your curb appeal is easier than ever. 

Special Shape Windows

From smooth curves to sharp, modern angles, special shape windows can create a stunning facade. Because these windows are less common, placing the right one in the right place can easily elevate your home’s curb appeal. Combine curved half-circle windows with a more common double-hung window to create a unique combination that creates natural light and adds visual interest. 

Custom Windows

For the ultimate in one-of-a-kind visual appeal, consider adding a custom window to your home. Designed and built to fit your specific needs, a Pella custom window creates a show-stopping exterior. Working with our window experts, you can create a window that suits your home’s style and highlights its unique architectural features. Plus, you can choose unique performance features that meet your lifestyle needs. 

Quality Craftsmanship 

Curb appeal isn’t limited to the shape and size of your windows. Upon closer inspection, a “pretty” exterior can fall short if it lacks quality. Like fast fashion, poorly constructed window styles deteriorate quickly. For the longevity of your home’s curb appeal (and the best possible performance), invest in windows that are crafted with quality in mind — from the materials to the installation and everywhere in between.  

Pella Passion

From sustainability to quality to performance, Pella is serious about windows and doors. We pour attention into every detail and go above and beyond to ensure that every product we sell and install not only meets, but exceeds the highest industry standards. Every step of the process is important to us, including your experience as a customer, and that’s the Pella Difference

Improve Your Curb Appeal With Confidence

When you choose Pella to help improve your Northeastern home’s curb appeal with upgraded windows and doors, you are choosing an industry leader that offers consistency, variety, and exceptional expertise. Schedule a consultation to get started today. 

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