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Can You Replace Windows in the Winter?


on December 16, 2022


Like it or not, winter weather in colder climates is sometimes the first opportunity you have to notice window performance issues. If you observe drafts, moisture inside the home, or a cracked and dangerous window, you might be considering an immediate window replacement. But is winter window replacement even possible? Read on to discover if you can replace windows during winter months, the benefits of winter window replacement, and how to navigate any safety concerns you may have. 

Is Window Replacement During Winter Possible?

Many homeowners view window replacement as a warm weather activity, but there are many benefits to replacing your windows during the winter. Having new replacement windows installed during the winter in colder climates requires additional steps to ensure your home stays comfortable and your window installation professionals are safe from potentially dangerous temperatures. However, there’s no reason to put off a necessary replacement project until spring. 

Cozy family enjoys their newly installed windows in a cold winter

Replace Windows in Winter For Immediate Chill Relief 

If your chief reason for replacing your windows during winter is because you’ve noticed chilly drafts and cold air leaking into your home, there is a major upside to tackling that replacement window project now — better in-home comfort. With professionally installed windows that seal up any pre-existing leaks, your home will be more comfortable. 

In addition to a warmer home, you may save big on your utility bills. When you replace  poorly performing windows, it’s easier to regulate your home’s indoor climate. You may be able to set your thermostat to a lower standard temperature because you’re no longer combating an outside chill. 

Winter Window Replacement Can Bring “Off Season” Deals

Still, homeowners replace windows far more often during warmer months. That means you may see a number of consumer benefits from scheduling your window replacement during winter, including: 

  • Ease of scheduling. Because it’s not the height of window replacement season, you may find it easier to schedule your project and get your new windows installed on a shorter timeline. 
  • Discounted price. Many installers and window companies will offer sales or other incentives during the winter months, as it is considered “off season” for window installation. 

Be sure to check with your installer and window company for any current promotions when you call about a replacement window project. 

Pella Certified Installers leaving a winter installation job

Winter Window Replacement Precautions

Any professional installer worth their salt will take extra care to conserve the warmth of your home throughout the replacement project. These precautions will vary from installer to installer, but you should expect some additional steps to minimize the exposure of your home’s interior to the elements. 

“Our installers will install one window in one room at a time,” says Jennifer Boyden, Sales Administrator for Pella Greenfield, “closing off each room as we go so we don’t expose the rest of your home to the elements. “If we are unable to seal the room off, we will use a temporary wall called a zip wall to contain each opening. After all is said and done we do extra cleaning to leave you house cleaner than when we arrived.”

Here are a few things you can expect to see from a high-quality window installer if you schedule a replacement window project during winter months: 

  • Two installers stationed in different areas of the home. It’s a common tactic with winter window installs to have one installer inside the home and another outside as a way of reducing door openings and the tracking of snow and dirt in the home. 
  • Drop cloths throughout the home. Especially during winter installation, professional installers will lay drop cloths throughout the home to protect your flooring and furniture from dust, debris, and snow. 
  • New window prep before installation. In order to minimize the time your home has an opening in the exterior wall, winter installs often feature preparation of the new window and all working surfaces before the actual installation. 
  • Additional cleaning after install. Meticulous cleaning is part of every window installation project, any time of year. However, the likelihood of a messier work environment during winter months is much higher, which means an installation team should put extra time and effort into making sure your home is cleaner than when they arrived.

At the end of the day, professional installers are prepared to face blustery winter weather in order to install windows properly and keep your home comfortable year-round. 

Choose Pella for Your Winter Window Replacement Project 

Hiring the right window installer for the job will help ensure that your home is kept clean and comfortable during a winter window installation. View our handy list of questions to ask when evaluating window installers for additional items to consider. Feeling a little extra chill in your home this winter? Request a consultation with the professionals at Pella today to get started on your winter window replacement.

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