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5 of the Best Winter Home Improvement Projects


on November 17, 2022


Did you know that winter is the perfect time to start home improvement projects? The peak of the outdoor adventure season is over, leaving you with plenty of time to refocus on those long-neglected projects. So while you’re decking the halls this winter, why not take the time to spruce up your home, too?  Here are five of the best winter home improvement projects to complete this time of year.

1. Replace Your Windows for Better Home Comfort

Heat can escape through older windows, causing chilly drafts and making your heating system work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. Make window replacement the first of your winter home projects and invest in new, energy-efficient windows to correct this problem. Best of all? You’ll be able to enjoy a toastier home and lower energy bills right away. 

Another advantage of prioritizing your window replacement project this time of year is that some companies offer discounts and sales during the winter months. They will be less busy and more focused on your home renovation, meaning you could pay significantly less for the project now than if you waited until summer.

2. Swap Out Lighting Fixtures to Keep Things Cheery

The brief, cooler days of the winter season can sap our energy and our holiday cheer. Proper lighting can help us feel more relaxed, upbeat, and focused. It can even help improve our productivity. No wonder so many of us start to look for ways to get more light into our spaces this time of year! Take advantage of the extra hours you’re spending indoors and swap out your lighting fixtures to freshen up your home’s look, bring more light in, or simply change your mood. 

This is also a great opportunity to breathe new life into your space by decluttering and repurposing your home decor. Try rearranging furniture, touching up painted walls, or getting that new backsplash laid. Go through bedroom closets and other spaces that accumulate clutter and make piles to toss, donate, or give away.

3. Insulate Your Attic for Better Whole Home Energy Efficiency

Here's another winter renovation project that can keep out the chill and save you money: focus on improving your whole-home insulation. If you think your home is already well-insulated, you might be in for a shock. In fact, unless your home was built with energy-efficiency in mind from the start, there are going to be numerous places in your home that could be better insulated. 

Consider a professional energy-efficiency inspection to identify areas in the home where heat may be escaping, such as around doors, windows, pipes, and vents. These areas can be secured with sealant, caulk, or weatherstripping.

Another space that may need to be checked for leaks and drafts is your attic. A well-insulated attic can result in a tremendous return on your investment. Homeowners often notice the lower energy bills as soon as the project is completed. 

4. Inspect and Update Home Safety Features

Winter is a good time to inspect your home’s safety features and make any necessary repairs or replacements. Test your fire alarms and replace batteries as needed. If you have not installed a carbon monoxide detector, consider doing so. 

According to the CDC, most carbon monoxide deaths occur during cold weather. Conducting yearly maintenance on gas-burning home appliances (especially gas-burning stoves and fireplaces) can also reduce the risk of dangerous carbon monoxide levels collecting in your home.

5. Replace or Refurbish Exterior Doors

If you're replacing your windows in the winter, why not replace your doors too? New entry doors can make your home more energy-efficient, give the exterior a facelift, or provide a more secure portal into your home.

If you're not ready to make the investment to replace your entry doors, you could elevate their look by adding a fresh coat of paint, attaching new molding, replacing door hardware, or applying decorative elements that make your grand entryway stand out. 

So, there you have it: five winter home improvement projects and renovations that you can check off your list this season. By the time spring arrives, you’ll already be well ahead on accomplishing all of next year’s home improvement goals.

Get a Head Start on Winter Renovation With Pella Windows and Doors

A bit of chilly weather doesn’t faze our window and door experts here at Pella. If you’re renovating your home interior or exterior this winter, call on us to help you tackle that project. Whether you’re still in the research phase or ready to get started, we’re here to help. Request a consultation today with one of our professionals.



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