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How Long Do Windows Last?

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Nashville

on September 30, 2021

Kitchen with wood double-hung windows

Unfortunately, most materials of a home do not last forever, including the windows. Depending on the type of windows you choose, they can last for years. The life of a window depends on the type of materials that are used in the construction of the window. Here are some things to consider if you think it might be time for new windows.  

Window Materials

Each window material offers a different lifetime and level of care. Without proper care and routine maintenance, window life expectancy can be significantly reduced. Quality windows that are properly maintained can last for many years. Here are some examples of popular window styles. 

Wood Windows

Wood windows provide unique benefits like the strength and beauty of natural wood. Wood is the original window material and offers many options for painting or staining your home. Have you ever noticed gorgeous century-old homes? Many of them have wooden windows. You will need to invest in proper window care, but you are investing in the lifespan of your wood windows when you do. 

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows offer strength and durability and work well in areas of the country that have extreme cold or hot temperatures. Many times, people choose fiberglass windows because they are a low-maintenance material, yet durable. You can even have them designed to look like wood windows.  

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are more cost-effective, but that does not mean the quality is reduced. These windows are built with compounds that do not readily corrode, so you are still getting your money's worth when choosing vinyl. 


Weather and climate durability should be one of the biggest concerns when choosing windows. Windows are designed to be durable but harsh climates can cause them to deteriorate. Plan to inspect your windows after severe storms or hail. No one can control the weather, especially severe storms, and hail. The following weather-related issues can also harm windows:  

Extreme Cold or Heat

Extremely hot or wintry weather and temperatures that rise and fall frequently can cause windows to deteriorate over time.  


Sunlight’s UV rays also cause damage. If windows have prolonged exposure to the sun, they can erode faster. Windows that sit in direct sunlight require more maintenance and may need to be replaced sooner than others. 

Humidity and Moisture

If you live in a climate with heavy precipitation or even high humidity, your windows can suffer from the abundance of moisture. The water can cause warping around the trim or frame and lead to damage. 


If your original windows were not installed correctly, you might need to budget for new windows sooner rather than later. Windows must be installed correctly for peak performance and longevity. Installations that are not done correctly can allow outside elements to seep into the home and cause damage. A window installation that seals out the elements is more energy-efficient and protects your home. If moisture gets into the frame, it will erode over time, and the window will no longer fit properly. 

If it is time for you to invest in new windows, or even all of windows at once, visit the Pella showroom or call us today to schedule a consultation. At Pella Windows and Doors of Nashville, our windows are made of the finest quality materials, and our installation team works diligently to ensure your windows are installed correctly. When you choose Pella windows, you are choosing products that are built to last.  

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