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Window Ideas To Beautify Your Bathroom

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Pittsburgh

on November 16, 2021

Pell awning windows in tile bathroom with shower

Bathroom windows can be an interesting topic. For many people, a bathroom is a private space where windows don't seem too important, but windows provide much-needed ventilation, lighting and privacy. There are many different options out there for your bathroom windows; let's take a look at a few!

Use Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is a great way to add privacy to your bathroom. This glass type makes your windows hazy and textured, so you cannot see through them clearly. If you don't want your entire window to be frosted, you could just have this effect on the bottom to maintain privacy and then have the top half of the window (or a separate top window) be made with clear glass so that you can still bring in maximum natural light.

Try an Awning Window

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open either inwards or outwards. They provide excellent ventilation and are perfect for your bathroom. If you're concerned about privacy, you can have your awning window installed near the top of your bathroom so that you can still get natural light and ventilation while also remaining out of sight.

Install Double-Hung or Casement Windows

Double-hung and casement windows are another terrific option when it comes to creating airflow in your bathroom. Both of these types of windows are easy to use. Along with their functionality, they are highly versatile and flexible in terms of style. For example, you can add shades or blinds that you can close when using the bathroom and then open when it's not being used to let in sunlight. If using a screen, closing the blinds or shades will still let air in so the room is well ventilated. If you choose to go with our Lifestyle Series wood windows, you can add blinds or shades between the glass for convenience. This feature keeps your blinds and shades neat and clean from all the moisture that can build up in your bathroom.

Pella wood windows in bathroom with tub

Go for a Large Window

If you live in a more rural area where there aren't many people, you may just say "forget it" to having a small bathroom window for privacy and instead focus on the view! Getting a large picture window in your bathroom is perfect for relaxing; you can enjoy soaking in your tub and also have natural light hitting your face while looking out at the view. For example, modern homes often have large floor-to-ceiling windows around their bathroom, particularly next to a stand-alone tub. You can always add a window tint to your large picture windows for increased privacy, comfort and energy efficiency.

Do Something Unique

Grilles. If you want to add a little extra style to your bathroom windows, choose a different, unique grille pattern. For example, you could do a traditional style, prairie style or cross pattern. You could also do something unique like a custom grille pattern that complements your bathroom and your home's architecture.

Glass. There are multiple types of uniquely designed glass that you can add to your bathroom window. For example, you could add glass with a beveled design, or you could add a stained-glass window. This window glass can add to the traditional feel of your home and complement other areas of your home.

Bay or bow windows. Bay and bow windows protrude from your home and are typically in the front of the house. However, you could add them to your bathroom to create an interesting space. For example, you could use bow windows to surround your bathtub, so you are engulfed in your surroundings and light. Another idea: If you have a larger bathroom space, you could add a bay window to create a ledge so you can place items like candles or a book on to enhance your relaxing space.

Pella specialty shaped windows with arch top and grilles in bathroom

Specialty shapes. To play with your home's architecture, you can add custom or specialty-shaped windows. For example, you can use long, vertical rectangles to make the room feel larger or use trapezoids and triangles for perfectly square rooms. You could also add a circle-shaped window in your stand-up shower.

Window combinations. Another way to add uniqueness to your bathroom is to install combinations of windows. For example, you can do casement windows with a fixed window over them. This combination will allow you to have ventilation while also having a larger glass space. You could use this same concept with double-hung and fixed windows. You could also add a window treatment to just the bottom double-hung window for added privacy while light can still flow in through the top fixed window. You could also use a uniquely shaped window to add some interest such as a large picture window with an arched top, for example.

Overall, you don't have the option for no window in a bathroom — especially if your full bathroom has a shower. It would be best to have airflow in your bathroom to reduce the condensation and allow the hot air to escape. 

No matter the route you choose, we are here for you. At Pella, we offer many window options that can fit with any style and any room, including your bathroom! Contact us today for a free in-home consultation.

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