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Gorgeous Window Combinations


on September 5, 2018

Window design ideas: window and door combinations

Combination windows are created for homeowners who want to add visual interest and ventilation to a wall in a specific way. Window combinations can be created with a single window configuration where a multi-opening window is mulled into the same frame to create one larger window, or by simply placing windows in close proximity to one another within a wall. Different configurations and combinations of windows can add visual and architectural interest to a home while allowing the designer to determine the best possible placements for both visual light and airflow.

Home styles have been trending toward more expansive use of glass — both through large walls of windows as well as combinations of windows and doors. These larger percentages of glass not only give homeowners increased daylight but also help to blend the lines between indoors and out.

While there may be no such thing as a standard window, there are some pretty amazing window combinations to choose from. When planning a new construction or remodel, you may want to think outside the box a little when it comes to window placement and combinations. Here are some great examples of window combinations to inspire your next design.

Ribbon windows

Ribbon windows are a number of windows set side-by-side to form a continuous horizontal band — like a ribbon. Often seen in modern or contemporary design, ribbon windows are becoming a popular element in homes because of their unique interest and ability to add natural light while maintaining privacy. Ribbon windows are commonly wider than they are tall and can be created using custom windows or combination of awning or sliding windows.

Stacked corner windows

This home has a unique combination of floor-to-ceiling corner windows in both the front and the back of the house. The angled windows at the top are created with special shape wood windows.

Picture window combinations

Picture windows are a common style to add to a window combination. Because most picture windows are large and inoperable, homeowners often choose to add “flanker” windows in order to add ventilation. A flanker window is a window that sits alongside another window. Common picture window combinations include the XOX configuration featuring a larger center window surrounded by flanker windows that can be double-hung or casement.

Other picture and combination windows include special shaped, arched, or awning windows used with large picture windows.

Window and door combinations

This contemporary stone home in Cedar Falls, IA, creates a unique combination with a hinged patio door, wood awning windows, and a variety of casement windows. Awning windows are a common addition above doors as an operable transom. Sidelights are another popular window and door combination.

Windows can be combined with doors in a number of ways — this project featured double-hung windows mulled together on either side of a hinged patio door to create an efficient use of space.

3- and 4-panel sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors can create a stunning window-door combination as well. To create a combination look, choose to add extra panels to the door. The first example below features a 3-panel sliding glass door with large fixed windows above.

The picture below shows a 4-panel sliding glass door featuring ribbon windows above it, creating a wall of glass for a contemporary look.

Planning window and door combinations

When planning out your construction or remodel, take into consideration your lighting plan, privacy needs, and home style. Modern homes and new construction are often taking advantage of combinations of windows to create a high-end look that sets a house apart from the rest.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our project gallery for more pictures of beautiful window combinations.

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