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Choosing a color for your front door


on May 30, 2017

A paint brush with a large amount of colors

A front door is the face of any home. It is one of the very first thing guests will notice about your house, and it is also where many property-owners allow themselves to get creative in terms of style and aesthetics. When it comes to selecting a color for your front door, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Whether buying a new entry door or painting your existing door, it is important to take cues from your home’s style and materials. Your house is one of the best guides for looking at what works and what doesn’t. So, are you ready for a change? Here’s the lowdown on the most popular choices, which include orange, blue, green, red and yellow.



Red is a classic and popular door color choice, as it works well with a variety of house colors. A red front door with a gray house makes an impactful statement, while selecting a red door with a white home palette brings a crisp and elegant vibe to your property’s aesthetic. Similarly, if you don't like your painted brick exterior, a red door can successfully draw the eye towards the entryway.


When it comes to blue, there are a myriad of hues and options from which you can select. Anything from a vibrant cobalt to soft sky blue or even navy can work as a front door color. Try a blue front door color with red brick to be especially daring. A dark blue front door can enhance the sharp lines of a modern house, particularly those clad with a variety of materials such as stone and timber.


Green is a very welcoming door color, as well as being a stunning natural shade. When it comes to painting your entry door, think about opting for green if your house is made from natural materials, stone, brick, or wood to complement the overall decor. A green door can pick up on the various other hues found in the surrounding landscape, softening and livening your entry in equal measure. It could also work well as a refreshing, bright shade in an urban neighborhood.


Have you ever thought about an orange front door color with a white house? It's a daring color to select but can bring exactly the right amount of freshness and cheer to your entranceway - especially if you have a south-facing door. It's a great way to stand out from other homes and add some brightness to your doorway without being overwhelming.


Teal is a beautiful ocean color and ideal for an inspiring front door. Choosing a teal front door color with a tan house is a striking combination that brings the appeal of the beach to your home - think sea, skies, driftwood - a combination of outdoorsy tones. A rich, turquoise blue can bring vibrancy to your entranceway.


Yellow is symbolically a happy color and can make your home seem to radiate within your neighborhood. A bright yellow door can reinvigorate your home’s exterior and draw attention to your entry. Yellow also works well with a range of door trims and house wall shades, including metal and wood siding, and brown or grey hues.

Of course, this is not a complete list of front door colors. Consider a classic black entry door if you're looking for a sophisticated statement. Or purple if you're looking to add a royal hue to your home. For wooden entry doors, traditional stain can give a traditional and stately impression. If you like the look of wood but don't like to maintain it, fiberglass front doors can also be stained to create a wood-like look at a lower price point.

Whichever color you go for, you need to look at how it works with your current exterior and the look you desire. For instance, a yellow door can make a completely different statement on a red brick house than it would on a house with white siding. If you’re looking to make a statement, a vibrant front door color can draw attention to your entry, whereas a door that blends or compliments your home’s color may allow the eye to focus elsewhere.

For color inspiration, check out Pella's Vibrancy Collection, which includes stunning colors to bring personality to your home and help your house stand out from the rest. With colors including Vivacious Red and Lively Blue, choose your favorite shade to symbolize your individuality - or go for something you hadn't thought of, like Energetic Green.

Either way, a great place to start is by getting in touch with Pella to get further guidance.

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