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Front Doors for Homes in the Midwest


on June 30, 2022


The impact your front door can have on your home’s curb appeal shouldn’t be underestimated. Curb appeal isn’t just for those looking to sell, it also instills a sense of pride in your home and brings a little extra joy to you and your family. 

For homes in the midwest, choosing the right front door for the best impact is a matter of blending your home’s architectural style with your own personal design preferences. Pairing those two things with the desired material, design, and detail choices can create an entryway to your home that you’ll be proud of for years to come. 

Identify Your Midwest Home’s Architectural Style

Before you choose a front door, it’s important to identify your midwest home’s architectural style. While there are countless styles to choose from, there are a few architecture types that remain prevalent throughout the midwest. 

Craftsman Style Homes

Craftsman style homes are an exemplary showcase of the work ethic and attention to detail that defines midwest values. These homes are often low and wide in construction with gabled roofs, columned porches, and wood framing. A craftsman style home often creates a perfect frame for your front door, making it easy to guide the eye to a bold, detailed choice. Double up on impact with a fiberglass, French-style entry door to match the elegant style of your home. 

a modern farmhouse entry door

Modern Farmhouse Style Homes

Another common architectural style in the midwest is the modern farmhouse style. Defined by neutral color schemes, open floor plans, and a unique mix of comfy-cozy and modern industrial, modern farmhouses have surged in popularity. 

If your home falls into this category, choose a simple front door that complements the neutral palette you’ve chosen. Energy efficient fiberglass front doors in a wood grain finish are a great way to merge that cozy farmhouse aesthetic with the modern, sleek performance that exemplifies this style. If fiberglass isn’t your cup of tea, steel entry doors also embody the modern aesthetic of this design trend.  

a midwest ranch style entry door

Ranch Style Homes

Ranch style homes are prevalent across the country, and the midwest is no exception. The hallmark traits of a ranch style house include the single-story build (in the midwest, there is often a below-ground basement as well), low-pitch roofing, large windows, and dedicated patio space. Because of the lower profile and open facade these homes tend to have, the front door is a strong visual component. Choose a steel entry door or a stunning complementary-colored fiberglass entry door with glass panels to really wow the neighborhood. 

a color pop with complementary colored red entry door against green house siding

Choosing a Midwest Front Door Aesthetic

Your entry door choice doesn’t rely solely on the architecture of your home. Choosing the right front door for your midwest home also depends on your design and performance preferences. Everyone is looking for something a little bit different, and working with the right professionals ensures you get the high-quality front door that is uniquely you. 

Lean into Your Preferred Design Style

At the end of the day, your home should be a showcase of your family’s personal style. Going with the latest trends is not always the right answer, especially when it comes to your front door. You want your home’s entry door to last. With how often you and your family will see it, your front door should be something that gives you the feeling of being welcomed home. There’s nothing wrong with leaning on your preferred design style over the trendy choice. 

Decide on the Details 

Once you have the vision for your entry door set, it’s time to think about the details. It can be easy to think of a front door as a pretty simple part of your home design, but there are endless possibilities for details that can make your entryway pop. You can add glass panels, sidelights, or molded paneling within a solid-color door that creates a unique design. 

Further personalize your front door by choosing a material that meets your energy efficiency and performance needs. Then pick unique hardware to create a finished piece that really wows. 

Consult With the Professionals

Once you start digging into the world of entry doors, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with just how many choices are at your disposal. If you’re not sure where to start or what type of door would best complement your home’s style, consult with a trusted door and window professional. They can help narrow your options and get you to the front door finish line. 

Front Doors for Homes that Make an Impact 

Whatever statement you want your home to make, your front door is an important part of making it. Your home’s front facade is often the first impression newcomers get, so choosing a high-quality door that meets your lifestyle needs and design preferences is a quick way to master the first impression game. 

Ready to start your journey to find the perfect entry door for your midwest home? The professionals at Pella can help you choose a front door made with quality materials, an eye for detail, and have it installed efficiently and correctly. The result will always be a home entrance that shines.  Schedule a consultation with Pella professionals today.

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