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5 Ideas to Make Your Windows Pop


on November 9, 2017


When you walk into a room, where do your eyes fix?

It could be a window, a fireplace, piece of furniture, or a featured wall. This is the room’s focal point, and it’s the defining feature of a room.

Creating a focal point in a room

Some rooms have an obvious focal point, like a fireplace. Others need a little help creating a focal piont. Windows make a great focal point for any room, especially if you have a great view. Stylish windows can enhance the aesthetic of a room, help to define a room’s style, and draw the attention right to the windows and your view.

As you plan a room’s design, keep your focal points in mind. Here are five great tips to draw attention to windows as the focal point of your room.


1. Put clear shelving in front of windows.

One unique way to draw attention to your windows it to install some clear shelves in front of them. Put your favorite plants or decorations on them, and you’ve created a focal point that shows off your style and enhances natural light.

2. Use hanging plants or a windowsill garden.

Speaking of plants, a windowsill garden is another option that immediately gets attention, especially if you get exotic and tall plants. Hanging plants, either hung outside or inside, help complete the look and give your room a homey feel.

3. Bold print curtains

No window is complete without curtains, especially if they stand out. Unless you are going for more of a minimalist look, curtains are a common investment. To have them be your room’s focal point, buy curtains with bold print that is noticeable. Bold curtains will pop even more when paired with neutrals throughout the rest of the room.


4. New window arrangement

Perhaps the most daring way to create a focal point is to install a new window arrangement. Large and interesting windows naturally become the focal point in a room, while letting in more natural light. There are many types of windows to choose from, but picture windows, or bay or bow configurations are particularly striking and a common living room focal point.

You can also combine different styles of windows into an attention-grabbing arrangement, specifically designed for your room that will visually open up the room while providing natural light.


5. Put furniture around it

A room isn’t complete without furniture. Sometimes the location of your windows makes it hard for it to be the focal point. That means something extra is needed to draw attention to it. If that’s the case, then arrange your furniture appropriately around the window, so the window is either in the middle or immediately noticeable. A sofa, chair, stand, or other piece of furniture can complete the room and move the focal point back to the window. This is especially effective if the furniture is put in a spot where you can sit down on it and look out the window.

Another way to draw attention to your window is by placing low furniture in front of it, so it’s eye-catching but doesn’t block the view. Additionally, simply rearranging your furniture may be enough.

As you consider different windows, keep the focal point of your room in mind. This can make all the difference, and make your overall aesthetic and feel better than it was before. To get more window inspiration, see some of the projects that Pella has completed recently.

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