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How to Warm up a White Kitchen


on May 20, 2022


White kitchens continue to be a popular interior design choice for the brightness they bring to your home. All white kitchens are popular because they act as a neutral base that can be taken in different design directions with a quick change of accent pieces. However, without the right accents, an all white, white and gray, or white and black kitchen can feel a little cold. If you’re struggling to add that touch of warmth, use these all white kitchen ideas to strike the best balance. 

Wood Design Accents 

The wooden accent trend has been growing over the last few years as people seek to make their homes more relaxing and inviting spaces. Capitalize on this trend by investing in wood decor accents to warm up your kitchen. Hand-carved bowls, artisan cutting boards, wood windows, and raw-wood open shelving add touches of warmth without changing the sleek feel of an all-white kitchen. 

Incorporate wood in small amounts for maximum contrast without overpowering. The wood and white trend is popular in rustic, farmhouse, modern, and coastal designs. Keep in mind that while you can always add more accents if needed, taking certain design aspects out of the equation once they are placed (like open shelving) may be more difficult. 

Vary Finishes for Unique Texture

When a room is designed with a monotone palette, one of the best ways to create visual interest and make the space more inviting is through varied textures. Kitchens offer a unique opportunity to incorporate multiple textures through the variety of appliances, surfaces, and layouts available. 

The backsplash is one of the most popular ways to add unique texture. Whether you choose a glossy subway tile, a unique molded design with a matte finish, or a parquet design for a more sophisticated look, the backsplash in an all-white kitchen is the perfect show-stopping design element. 

Other easy areas to incorporate mixed textures include countertops, cabinet hardware, light fixtures, fiberglass window frames and island construction. 

Add Contrast

Contrast is key to interior design, but especially important when your overall design leans on a limited color palette. One easy way to add contrast without altering the all-white-everything theme is to choose a dark floor in a warm tone. Mahogany, chestnut, or other deep wood floors add an interior glow that emanates through the whole space. 

Contrast can also be created with decor accents in warm metallics like copper, bronze, and gold. Consider lighting fixtures, faucets, and hardware when looking for places to add contrast that warms. 

Another often-overlooked area for contrast is your kitchen windows. Not only do they bring the warmth of the outside world in daily, the design and material choices available are another excellent opportunity for warm contrast. For example, colorful countertops on a contrasting island are sophisticated enough to lend elegance to an all-white kitchen without washing out the space.

Let the Light In

Choosing the right windows for your all-white kitchen can be a daunting task, but consulting with the experts at Pella makes it easy. We work with you to identify the best window design for your space and can help you determine which material, stain, paint or color choice will offer the most warmth without compromising the overall aesthetic. Natural light is an easy win for comfort, homeyness and warmth (both literally and figuratively). In kitchens, casement windows and sliding windows are common choices for both visual impact and performance. Ready to add a little sunshine to your white kitchen? Schedule a consultation today. 

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