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Front Window Ideas to Improve Home Design


on April 20, 2023


From improved curb appeal to the simple enjoyment of knowing your home’s front facade showcases exactly what you want to your neighborhood, choosing the right front windows is an important part of creating the ideal home design. But how do you choose the right windows for your home? And how can you achieve the desired look and feel while balancing natural light, privacy, and enhancing your home’s natural architectural type? Let’s explore some front window ideas that can help improve your home design. 

Large Picture Windows Bring the Wow Factor

If your home’s front facade needs a little wow factor, consider opting for large picture windows. Though inoperable, this style of front windows provides an impressive amount of natural light and can serve as a major showstopper in your home design. Large picture windows work best as a front window design option when your home is designed so that less private rooms, like a bonus room or sunroom, face the street and sidewalk. However, if you want to incorporate large picture windows on your home’s front facade and are worried about onlookers catching too long a glimpse into your living space or home office, a well-placed window treatment can offer a viable privacy solution. 

Combining Shapes Creates Unique Window Designs

Visual interest is key to a front window design that makes your home design shine. One of the easiest ways to create visual interest with your front windows is to combine differently shaped windows to create unique and intriguing window designs that are as eye-catching as they are functional. For example, pairing casement, single-, or double-hung windows with special shape windows, transom windows, or smaller-footprint awning windows can result in stunning geometric designs or unique grid-like shapes. When used as front windows, these exciting combinations can show off your personality, add glamor, and align with your home’s overall decor and design style. 

Dormer Windows Offer Suburban Impact

If you’re looking for a way to make your suburban home pop or simply want to enjoy the finer details of the Craftsman style architecture that remains popular across the country today, consider installing single- or double-hung windows in your dormers. Dormers, or roofed structures that typically extend vertically beyond the plane of a pitched roof, are a hallmark of suburban and Craftsman style homes, and placing windows on these roofed structures provides more natural light on your home’s second story while also incorporating more visual interest externally. 

Use Your Home’s Shape for Maximum Harmony

The phrase “go with the flow” applies to more than just finding flexibility in difficult times. For home design, both interior and exterior, going with the flow may be just the piece of advice you need to elevate your home’s front window designs to the next level. By utilizing the natural shape of your home, and taking inspiration from its architectural style, you may find that the best window designs for the front of your house are not what you expected at all. 

Modern style homes with long, straight lines on the front facade may benefit most from rows of narrow, stacked awning windows, a larger block of picture windows, or a combination of both on opposing sides of your entry. On the other hand, more traditional architectural types like Victorian and Cottage, may benefit best from smaller windows with grilles or unique shapes to complement the angles and exterior detailing that goes hand in hand with these styles. 

If you’re ever at a loss for where to start when it comes to choosing the right windows for your home’s front facade, take the time to look at your home from the curb or across the street, really take in the natural shape of the build, and go from there. Still need more inspiration? Check out some projects the Pella team has handled in the past to get those creative juices flowing. 

Get the Right Front of House Window Design With Pella 

Whatever front window design you choose  for your home, the experts at Pella are here to help you bring it to life. Schedule a consultation today to discuss what you have in mind and get all the advice you need to nail down the picture-perfect front window design that truly makes your home shine.

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