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Exterior Upgrade: 5 Ideas to Make Over Your Curb Appeal


on May 7, 2018


When you’re looking to make a statement on your street, you have a lot of options. Outdoor lighting, landscaping, and decor are relatively easy additions that improve your home’s exterior. But they lack the aesthetic impact of larger remodeling projects.

For greater effect, you may have to think bigger. These home remodeling ideas immediately upgrade your curb appeal and leave a lasting impression on your neighborhood.

1. Replace your front windows.

Upgrading your old windows may already be on your to-do list. New windows can increase energy efficiency and reduce noise. They also can make a major difference in your home’s aesthetic.

Traditional double-hung wood windows restored the authenticity to this historic home in Columbus, Ohio. Grilles help match the window design to the home’s architectural style. The light, wood grilles brighten the home and complement its color.

2. Update your entry door.

Size-wise, the front door is only a small part of your home’s exterior look. But you can do wonders in that small space. A change at your front door can add color, character, light or architectural detail.

Simply painting your existing door can showcase your creativity and style. Opting for a whole new front entrance, like this stately home in the Chicago suburbs, can completely alter the appearance of your home. The homeowners converted their plain door and sidelight combination into a grand entrance with double doors and decorative glass. The mahogany stain of the wood complements the color of the bricks without blending in. The large panes of glass, hardware and detail help the door stand out from its surroundings.

3. Change your color scheme.

Color can make your home look dated. Either the choices or patterns reflect old trends or the color fades from years facing the elements. A fresh coat of paint or new siding can make an old home appear brand new. A color scheme that fits your home and its architectural style can elevate a dated look.

This Nassau County, New York, home underwent a dramatic transformation, trading yellow vinyl siding for dark blue wood siding in the traditional Cape Cod style. The makeover didn’t stop there. A new roof, double-hung wood windows and a fiberglass front entry door helped to finish the exterior remodeling project.

4. Add texture and color with stone.

Stone accents are popular in new construction, like this new build in Kentucky. But you can add stone to the exterior of your current home. Stone adds texture, pattern and color variety to the face of your home.

You can use stone to bring attention to your front entrance or an entire exterior wall to complement a picturesque window or other feature. There are so many different types that you can find stone to work well with any color of vinyl siding, wood siding, brick or other building materials.

5. Remodel your roofline.

Dormers are those little boxes, often including windows, that sit atop a roof. They add architectural interest to the front of your home by creating new angles protruding out of your roof — like in this Kansas dormer window replacement project.

Dormers expand the space inside your home and can help bring in more natural light. You can also use dormers for purely aesthetic reasons. These false dormers may not actually connect to the interior of your home, so you can enhance the aesthetic of your exterior without disturbing anything inside.

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