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Top 2022 Home Trends


on January 5, 2022


Many people take the new year as an opportunity to reinvent different parts of their lives. Whether your goal is to update your home this year through small, simple changes or you plan to take on a big home improvement project, now is the perfect time to freshen up your home’s aesthetic. 

Get inspired to transform your home – no matter your style, budget or project size – with these 2022 home trends!

Lush Greens

Because of its calming, soothing effect and strong association with nature, you can expect to see different shades of green (even dipping into the blue-green range) this year. 

Try your hand at incorporating shades of green throughout your home. Choose replacement windows with green frames, green kitchen tile or cabinets or paint an entire room your favorite shade (or shades) of green. Make it playful by covering an accent wall with printed wallpaper that features abstract patterns, organic shapes or natural elements. You can also add green pops of color throughout your home with throw pillows and blankets, rugs, pictures and paintings. 

If you’re doing a home improvement project or new home construction and want to take this a step further, consider incorporating biophilic design elements into your home. The goal with biophilic design is to get closer to nature by boosting natural light, airflow and your connection to the outdoors. The best way to accomplish this? Choose patio doors and windows that help you feel closer to nature. 

  • Picture windows can give you an unobstructed, uninterrupted view of the outdoors. 
  • Casement and sliding windows are a great window replacement option if you’re looking to boost airflow in a room.
  • Sliding, bi-fold and multi-slide patio doors can help you boost both natural light and airflow, while also making your patio and outdoor areas feel like an extension of your home.

Plants are another great way to add green into your color scheme while also staying true to the trend of biophilic design. Plant walls and ceilings can be a creative, unique way to bring the outdoors in. Or, if you’re looking for a low maintenance solution, try adding potted houseplants and hanging plants.

Vintage and Antique Accents

Vintage, handcrafted and antique pieces are making their way back into the spotlight. To enhance a home’s aesthetic, people are looking for more sustainable décor options and unique pieces. Vintage and antique furniture does both well while also adding a nice contrast with newer, modern pieces. And in today’s digital age, these pieces can be meticulously curated through platforms designed specifically for antique and vintage furniture seekers.

Warm Natural and Neutral Shades

Sticking to the theme of trending colors, warm neutral shades aren’t going anywhere this year. Instead of cool-toned neutrals like steel grey, onyx black and crisp white, people are opting for home color choices that boost comfort – which explains the shift toward a warmer color scheme

Lighter shades like nude, beige and cream are expected to gain popularity. These will be used with contrasting colors such as earthy shades of tan, brown, deep red and rust. All of these can serve as a good base color palette, and will tie in excellently with the beautiful green hues we expect to see in homes this year.

Contrasting Textures 

Switching up the textures throughout your home can keep things interesting – especially if you want to stick to a simple color scheme. Natural materials like stone, leather, fur and metals are a great way to complement this year’s more natural color schemes. You can also play with different textured fabrics like bouclé and fringe. Add a textured look to your interior walls with lime wash, grasscloth wallpaper, plaster, three-dimensional wall paneling and more.

Wood is also making a strong comeback in interior design. Choose natural, warm-toned wood finishes to tie into the neutral color trend. Since these neutrals are timeless and will be around for quite some time, you don’t need to worry about making them a more permanent part of your color scheme. Try including them in your home’s finishes – from its flooring to wood windows and wood doors to kitchen cabinets, and beyond.

Curved Shapes

Curved, wavy lines are expected to soften the more traditional sharp edges that have been prevalent in home design the past few years. 

Incorporate this 2022 home trend in your own home by choosing decorative elements like round mirrors, curvy vases and circular pillows. Swap out furniture staples – such as chairs, couches and other pieces with rigid lines – for rounded pieces. For a DIY approach, try painting an arch directly on your wall and hanging some shelves within it for a decorative illusion. 

You can also take this trend to the next level with home renovation projects that feature a curved kitchen island, round light fixtures, curved bar design, round pool deck… the list goes on. If you’re looking for a simpler and more functional way to update and transform your home, try incorporating arched doorways and windows. You can create different window and door combinations that feature an arched transom window at the top or opt for special shaped curved or round windows. 

These 2022 interior design trends are meant to inspire, so feel free to put your unique twist on them. Keep in mind that too much of anything can be overwhelming, which is why designers recommend incorporating these trends strategically and in moderation. 

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