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Mood Board - Farmhouse Style Kitchen


on January 4, 2018


Farmhouse style is rooted in the traditional rural homes of yesteryear, where materials were sourced locally and from the land. Back then, homes were designed for function, not style. Everything served a purpose.

Function is still important, but homeowners today are a lot more interested in design. Modern farmhouse style breathes new life into the old, putting a contemporary twist on country charm.

PROJECT: Wood Windows in Henryetta, OK Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse Mood Board

4 Key Ingredients of a Farmhouse-Style Kitchen

Practical yet stylish. Hardy but cozy. Reclaimed and renovated. These are the defining features of farmhouse style. So how do you work those stylistic details into your home? The kitchen is a natural fit. It’s the most function-focused room in your home. Sprinkle these ingredients into your kitchen redesign to give it a farmhouse flavor.

Lots of Wood

Before there were countless material options, there was just one: wood. Which makes it one of the most recognizable features of farmhouse style. Shiplap on the wall or ceiling, reclaimed barn wood walls or shelving, distressed wood flooring, and exposed wood beams are all great ways to bring the vintage look to your kitchen.

Glass Front Cabinets and Open Shelving

Clear views and easy access to kitchen essentials make it easier on the entertainer. It also gives you an opportunity to proudly display the family heirlooms, antiques, or fine dinnerware that were previously hidden behind cabinet doors.

Apron Front Sink

It’s known as a farmhouse sink for a reason. This deep sink was designed for long hours preparing food, washing dishes — even cleaning clothes and babies. A classic casement window can make your workstation feel less like work. The Architect Series® has the traditional wood look with sleek, contemporary designs to bring your farmhouse style to life.

Muted Color Palettes

Neutral and earthy tones evoke the natural feel of the countryside. They also serve as a balance to the darker wood floors, shelving, and beams. Create your kitchen color palette with lots of white, pale shades of beige and gray, and subdued tans and greens.

PROJECT: Special Details for Modern Farmhouse In Southlake, TX

You don’t need livestock roaming your yard to give your home that old farm feel. Mix a few farmhouse decor ideas in with your kitchen’s current style for a cozy country look.

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