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How Long Does Window Installation Take?


on October 5, 2022


Window replacement can bring a lot of uncertainty for homeowners. If you’re considering getting quotes for replacement windows or wondering about how the window installation process works, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover what you can expect from the moment you determine replacement windows are necessary to the installation day. 

Window Replacement Timeline

The timeline from purchase to installation will vary. Some factors that contribute to the final timeline include: 

  • Availability of product 
  • Size of project (How many windows are being installed?) 
  • Installation specifics (Are the windows being installed in existing frames? Are the windows the same size as the ones they are replacing?) 

Regardless of the varying factors, at Pella we do our best to determine and schedule the installation date at the time of purchase so you know what to expect. 

How Long It Takes to Install a Replacement Window

The actual installation of your replacement windows runs on a different schedule than production, and is subject to its own set of variables. A standard window installation can typically be performed by a licensed professional in approximately 60 minutes. If you are replacing multiple windows at the same time, up to 10 windows can sometimes be installed in a single day. While a professional can complete a window installation project within a day, there are still steps that require expert attention to ensure your new windows operate well and have the longest life possible. 

Window Replacement Installation Timeline Factors

Here are a few things that may impact the timeline for your window installation project.

  • Whether the window is a pocket installation (fitting windows into an existing frame) or a full-frame installation (which require our expert installers to work on the outside and inside of your home simultaneously)
  • The type of window being installed. Custom windows, for example, take longer to produce because they are being built to exact specifications. 
  • If any adjustments to the existing frame are required to fit the new windows. This could include replacing the frame or extending the space to better fit a larger window. 
  • Seasonality. Some windows may take longer to produce at certain times of year, and scheduling an installation may require more lead time during busier times of year as well.

Work with the Pella professionals in your area to determine the exact timeline you can expect for your window installation. 

Efficient and High Quality Window Installation with Pella

While pinpointing the exact timeline from start to finish for replacement window installation can be a difficult task, working with professionals like the licensed installers at your local Pella branch will ensure that your window installation is completed efficiently and to the highest standard of quality. Ready to explore more? Request a consultation today.

Schedule a free consultation to find windows and doors for your home.