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Should You Remove Your Window Screen in Cooler Weather?


on June 1, 2020


Even though it can be difficult to let go of the beautiful summer season, the fall season is perfect for opening up your windows and letting in the fresh air that might have been too humid a few weeks ago. The fall is an eventful time — children are back to school, yard work and house cleaning increases — but there’s one task that you want to make sure is on your to-do list: washing and/or taking off your window screens for the cooler season.

Window screens are really important in the summer months for blocking heat, having your windows open without letting in debris and also working to help keep your home energy efficient. However, in the colder months, window screens play a different role in your home’s energy efficiency and might be better removed from your windows. Here are some reasons to remove your window screens:

  • Let in more natural light. Window screens are another barrier for much-needed natural light during the dreary winter season. Taking off your window screens will allow for that much more light to enter your home.
  • Reduce snow buildup with exterior screens. When a massive winter wind whips up snow and sends it to your windows, not having an exterior window screen helps lessen the amount of snow that can get stuck between your screen and window.
  • Enhance solar heat gain. Window screens can block not only light from coming into your home but heat, as well. The heat from the sun helps during the winter months to keep your home energy efficient and warm.

Now that you have this background, it’s a good time to ask yourself, “should I remove my window screens before the winter season arrives?”

As technology has improved, removing window screens has become more of a style preference instead of a requirement. With double- or triple-pane windows, homeowners aren’t required to take extra steps to enhance their energy efficiency in colder weather. However, you still have the natural light, snow buildup and improved energy efficiency to think about with your window screens — the choice is yours.

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