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Hidden Screens: Retractable Window Screens


on March 21, 2023


With windows comes the need for window screens, and for some homeowners, the need for screens comes with a visual impedance they would rather do without. If you’re a homeowner who would rather only see your window screens when you need to utilize them, retractable screens may be for you. Let’s take a closer look at the technology of hidden screens and how some Pella windows and patio doors can help you keep your view crystal clear until the screens are needed.

Hidden screen technology exterior closeup.

Retractable Screens — Only Visible When You Need Them

A retractable screen is one that rolls up out of view when not in use. Available on both windows and patio doors, retractable screens offer all the protection and utility of a traditional window screen with the added benefit of not cluttering your view when your windows are closed. Additionally, because the screen rolls away when your window is closed, it is less exposed to the elements and therefore may require less maintenance and cleaning than a traditional screen. 

At Pella, we take the window innovation seriously. That’s why Pella’s Integrated Rolscreen retractable screens appear when you open the window and roll away out of sight when you close it. Here’s a quick breakdown of the optional hidden screen upgrades available at Pella, as well as which windows and doors they can be utilized with.

Interior shot of someone closing a window with hidden screen technology

Why Choose Hidden Screens? 

If you’re still wondering whether or not hidden screens are right for your home, consider the advantages of hidden screens. From an aesthetic standpoint, the clean and polished look they provide is hard to beat, but that’s not the only plus side of this window technology. In fact, hidden screens offer great advantages like: 

  • Providing an unobstructed view out your window
  • Easier-to-maintain screens that require less cleaning
  • Making the window glass easier to clean
  • Lasting longer than traditional screens
  • A cleaner, more polished look – from the interior and exterior
  • More natural light streaming into your space.

How Popular Are Retractable Screens? 

Retractable screens continue to grow in popularity as more homeowners seek efficient cleaning solutions, as well as a refined look for the homes they are spending more time in. However, it’s important to balance what you desire with what works best for your home and budget. 

While there is an added cost associated with choosing retractable screen technology, the benefits may outweigh them. Rising popularity of retractable screens has made them more prevalent in recent years, but they have not yet outpaced traditional window screens in most homes. 

Get Hidden Screen Technology With Pella

Once you’ve weighed the benefits of retractable screens with your desires, needs, and budget as a homeowner, it’s time to start planning. If you want high quality windows with hidden screens that keep your view unobstructed and your maintenance routine a little simpler, the professionals at Pella can help make that happen. Request a consultation today to get started on your hidden screen project.

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