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Replacement Window Size


on June 26, 2017


Undertaking a window replacement project? Whether you're replacing an aging window with something newer, repairing damages, or just looking to remodel, the key to a successful window replacement many times comes back to an accurate measurement. If you make a purchase with the wrong measurements, you’re in for a headache. To help you avoid that situation, we’ve put together a brief guide to finding your correct window replacement sizes.

Why accurate measurements are important

Obtaining accurate window measurements in advance can save you a lot of trouble in the long term. While replacing a window typically isn’t a complicated home improvement project, even minor inaccuracies can turn a simple project into a nightmare. Inaccurate measurements may result in a poor fit, leading to future problems. Accuracy is the key to ensuring a proper fit and installation, which may help to maximize energy savings.

Before purchasing your windows, we recommend an in-home consultation in order to receive correct measurements before ordering. However, many homeowners like to measure from home before visiting a showroom. This can give you a good idea of size requirements and help you shop with peace of mind, as you’ll be able to get a rough idea of size, style, and preference.


How to get a measurement before shopping

Measuring your typical double-hung window can be a fairly simple task, so long as you avoid certain common mistakes. First, make sure to take all measurements from inside the home. You want to get accurate measurements of the width and height of the window, from jamb to jamb and head to sill. That means measuring past the sash stops and past the interior trim—the small pieces of wood along the inner edge of the window.

A proper window measurement is like a proper door measurement—you want to measure the size of the hole which would be left if you removed the window, not just the size of the current opening. Your replacement window may include its own sash stops and trim; if you measure to those points instead of past them, you’ll end up with a replacement window much too small for your home.

Get a consultation for accurate measurements

Why choose an in-home consultation?

Because of the importance of obtaining an accurate measurement which accounts for any changes, unusual features, and special circumstances, we generally advise in-home consultations with window professionals for the best possible results. Windows are a sizable investment for your home. Keep in mind that windows are typically custom-made to fit your home’s unique specifications - if you measure incorrectly, you could be stuck paying for windows that don’t fit your home. While you can measure from home to acquire fairly accurate measurements, it can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your home is in the hands of professionals who have been trained to take proper measurements.

If you'd like to learn more about measuring window dimensions, or would like to schedule a Pella in-home consultation for your replacement window sizes, contact us today. 

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