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Winter Window Insulation: What You Need to Know


on November 7, 2022


In parts of the country where the weather gets cool this time of year, keeping warm rises up the list of homeowner concerns quickly. Homeowners can maintain a comfortable indoor temperature by focusing on energy efficiency. Heat escapes easily when your home features outdated or improperly installed windows. This can leave your family shivering while energy bills rise. About 30% of a home’s heat is lost through windows. That’s why it’s important to choose a window company that understands how to build and install windows for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

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Choose the Right Window for the Best Winter Insulation

To choose the right windows for your home, it’s important to understand your insulated glass options. When your windows do a poor job of regulating temperature in your home, it’s often due to poor insulation rather than the size or shape of your window. While they may   look similar, all window technology is not created equal. 

triple-pane glass with argon gas insulation

Common Configurations with Picture Windows

Insulating Glass Features

Choose well-constructed windows that incorporate the following features to stay nice and cozy this winter: 

  • Multi-pane glass. Single-pane windows allow more heat to escape through the glass, whereas multi-pane windows offer greater protection. 
  • Insulating glass with argon gas between panes. Incorporating argon gas in your multi-pane windows adds more insulation to keep the cold out and the warm in (and vice versa during warmer months). 
  • Proper installation. To avoid drafts and other leakage, professional installation makes a huge difference.
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Replace Drafty Windows 

Whatever the culprit, there comes a time when drafty windows simply need to be replaced. Poor installation, the natural degradation of age, and single-pane glass without additional layers of protection all lead to chilly drafts that, eventually, must be addressed. When replacing windows, keep these things in mind: 

  • Greatly altering shape or size will increase replacement cost and timeline. If you plan to undertake a larger replacement project, consider planning to start at the end of summer or the beginning of fall so the newly installed windows are in place before temperatures drop. 
  • Installation matters. Working with Pella’s professional installers will ensure that both pocket installations and full frame installations are completed to an exacting and high standard. Professional replacement window installation closes any gaps and ensures a tight seal, which is the best way to insulate windows. 

If the time for window replacement is near but you need more time to budget and plan, there are also ways to temporarily enhance your home’s insulation performance. 

applying special caulking to the exterior seal of a window to prevent drafts

Use Insulation Enhancers for Temporary Relief

Winter window insulation kits, insulation foam, weather stripping, and other methods are great options for short-term relief, but should never be a substitute for investing in long-term whole-home insulation solutions. However, if staying warm this winter is your main concern, use insulation enhancers like these to keep the cold air outside where it belongs: 

  • Draft stoppers. These can work for stopping drafts that get in around the edges of windows or doors. 
  • Weather-stripping. Strips of foam and other insulating compounds come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and lengths. Apply these to the frames of your windows to help mitigate leaks. 
  • Thermal curtains. Made of thicker material than normal curtains, these window treatments help regulate interior temperature by blocking some of the cold. 
  • Sealant and caulking. Applying sealant or caulking to exterior frames can also minimize leaks until replacing your windows is feasible. 

Get Insulated Windows for Better Climate Control with Pella 

If you’re ready to install insulated windows that will keep you comfortable for many winters to come, the experts at Pella Windows and Doors have your back. Request a consultation today to get the best insulated windows for winter and make your home the cozy haven you crave.

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