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Home & Window Maintenance Tips For Summer

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown

on June 8, 2021

It’s time to get your house ready for the summer weather and do all the things you couldn’t during the winter months. Here are some ideas of what to inspect to prepare for this summer and projects that are best done during the summer months.

exterior home maintenance with Pella windows and doors


Clean gutters and drains. Cleaning out your gutters and other draining systems is an important task that can help prevent having to pay thousands of dollars to repair damage to your roof. Gutters collect rainwater from your home’s roof and carry it away from the foundation of the home through downspouts. You should clean your gutters at least twice a year, but it can depend on the foliage around your home. 

Clean chimney. Summer months are also a great time to clean your chimney before the colder months come and you will want to use it. You can have a professional clean it to remove any dangerous build-up.

Check AC systems. With the heat, you may be ready to turn on your central AC. Before the heat gets too bad, you can check and service your HVAC and heating system used for the central air.

Insulate. Insulating your home may seem weird in the summer, but it still should be done. You can insulate the cavity wall in your home’s attic. Doing this can reduce your energy costs.

Inspect the roof. Along with cleaning your gutters to protect your roof, you should also inspect your roof. You can look for any cracks or missing shingles and any areas that may have leaks.

Work on exterior paint or siding. With better weather, you can work outside and get some of the exterior parts of your home checked on. This summer,  get your home looking its best by cleaning the siding or getting new siding if you find cracks or missing areas upon inspection that may be due to the wear and tear of the winter months.

Pella window maintenance for summer


Upgrade windows for energy efficiency. Summer months bring that summer heat. It’s the perfect time to do an energy audit and upgrade your windows to be more energy efficient. We offer a variety of options that are Energy Star certified.

Airflow with open windows, fans or AC. With the heat and humidity this summer, you will have to decide how you will deal with maintaining airflow in your home. This may include either opening windows, using fans, using an AC unit, or a combination. We have a variety of window choices including casement and awning windows that can open outwards and single- and double-hung windows that can be lifted up. All of these functional windows allow for airflow in your home. You can also use lone-standing fans or ceiling fans to push the air throughout your home. If you decide to use an air conditioner unit, be sure to check that you have the right size for your window, so it is properly insulated as to not let the cool air escape.  

Check weatherstripping. Weatherstripping is an airtight material that is used to insulate the space between the window sash and the windowpane. As summer begins, be sure to check for any dryness or cracking in the stripping. This deterioration can lead to leaks that can cause a decrease in your windows energy efficiency as the hot air can now enter your home. If you do see this, it may be time for a replacement of the weather stripping.

Check window caulking. Window caulking serves as a barrier in the spaces between your windows and the siding on your home. As with weather stripping, any corrosion of the caulking can lead to higher energy bills due to the hot air being able to get in through this area.

Check for any leaks. Overall, to prepare for this summer season, check for any leaks. This includes looking for any condensation that may be around your home as this could lead to mold.

Check hardware and windowpanes. Along with checking the weatherstripping and caulking around the windows, be sure to check the window hardware and panes. You should check that your windows can open smoothly and close and lock securely. Also, look for any cracked or broken glass.  

Clean windows. Another great thing to do during the summer is to clean your windows. Dirt and debris can break down windows making them not last as long. Cleaning them of this and pollen is important for the longevity of your windows. Some key points when cleaning your windows are to use soap and water or window cleaner and to clean the windows using top to bottom strokes. There are several tips and products to help you avoid streaking and glaring on your window including cleaning your windows on a cloudier summer day to avoid the sun leaving marks while they are drying. Properly drying your windows and windowsills are vital in preventing mold and mildew.

home and garden maintenance with Pella


Check for dead or sick trees. Trees are beautiful but can also wreak havoc on your yard. It is important to check for dead or rotting trees that may affect your yard and even your house’s groundwork. Dead and rotting trees can attract insects and pests and can cause hazards if the dead branches fall. Based on your observations of the tree’s health, you can decide if removing it is the best option.

Tidy up flower beds. Planting flowers is a great pastime during the spring and summer. You can buy seeds or buy some growing flowers from your local home improvement store or a local greenhouse. The warm weather and your care with watering and fertilizing will have your flowers in full bloom and your yard full of color.

Fill in the grass with seed. Along with planting and general upkeep of your flower garden, you can take these summer months to fix up your grass as well. You can fill in any yellow or missing grass areas with grass seed. With some time and care, your yard can be back to fresh green grass.

Kill weeds, add fertilizer. Tidying up your lawn can be a task, especially with weeds growing in all the cracks and crevasses. This summer you can also help your grass grow and your outdoor walkways look better by killing the weeds. Be sure to check what is best for your needs with the different products available and a lawn professional.

Pella windows, patio, and yard maintenance

Deck and Patio. Another area in your yard that you can work on this summer is your deck/patio area and driveway. You can fix up and/or repave your driveway during this time of year. You can also fix any stonework that may be broken, missing, or out of place. For your deck, you can stain any wood that may be chipped and protect it from splintering and decay.

Clean outdoor furniture. You may have outdoor furniture that is ready to be used this summer for all your parties and relaxation days. Wash any cushions and spray down any metal or plastic outdoor furniture that has been just sitting during the winter months.

Check your fence. Summer can also be a good time to check your fences. Look for any warped or rotten posts and check that your fence is sturdy in the ground. You may need to replace just some areas or the entire thing based on their condition.

Get your grill ready. It’s grilling season! Time to bring out the ol’ grill to get ready to make burgers, brats and seafood. To clean out your grill, you can heat it to a high temperature to scrape off any gunk. Then, you can disconnect the gas line and let the grill cool to remove and wash the grates, burners, and drip tray with warm, soapy water.

Ready to get started? With so many projects and only three summer months, it’s best to get started now! Choose a particular area of your home to start with or just with what you’ve been putting off. The areas above are important when getting your home ready for the summer and even the fall months when the weather starts to turn. We are here for all you window and door needs. Get your window to-do list checked off by scheduling your in-home consultation today!

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