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Top 5 Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Nashville

on August 11, 2022

Apart from making your Nashville home look more aesthetically pleasing, sliding glass doors also let you enjoy plenty of natural light and gain easy access to your beautiful garden or patio.

To maintain privacy and control the amount of light entering your home, you’ll need a high-quality window treatment that doesn’t compromise functionality or style. Read on as our Pella of Nashville design experts discuss how to find the best window treatment that matches your needs. 

1. Vertical Blinds

One popular and relatively affordable window treatment for sliding glass doors is vertical blinds. These are available in different widths, colors and textures, so you’re free to choose what suits your style.

As vertical blinds are made with slats or vanes, you can easily adjust them with a wand, remote control or cord. You can then protect your privacy and control the amount of sunlight you want in your home. Cleaning them is also a breeze — simply get a damp cloth and then wipe them thoroughly.

However, they could get loud, given their loose slats. You can choose vertical blinds made with fabric, so you can avoid the noise. Some low-grade blinds may also crack or break easily, but thankfully, replacing broken slats is easy.

2. Curtains

Curtains are another common window treatment for sliding glass doors. Several homeowners love this option as it’s simple and affordable. Curtains also come in a wide range of colors, patterns, fabrics and styles. By just grabbing some tools at your Nashville home, you can install or replace your curtains quickly and add a little bit of character to your home. 

Sheer curtains give you privacy while getting just enough sunshine, so you’re having the best of both worlds. If your room is more exposed to sunlight, you could even use blackout curtains.

3. Shutters

While shutters are an unpopular choice for sliding glass doors, they might satisfy your preferences and needs. Apart from offering a classic style, shutters are energy-efficient and durable. They come with various designs too. Like window replacements and other house upgrades, shutters help enhance your home’s value, given that they are permanent fixtures.

From letting you manage how much light you can enjoy to offering great insulation from both the heat and cold to easy cleaning, shutters are indeed a strong candidate for window treatment. Note, however, that shutters are harder to install compared to the other window treatments we’ve mentioned.

4. Sliding Panels

Also called panel tracks, sliding panels are a contemporary version of vertical blinds and one of the best window treatments for sliding glass doors. To cover your doors or windows, these individual panels slide from side to side. Available in different fabric, acrylic and wood options, sliding panels also give you customization options to match your home’s style and aesthetic. 

They work with a wand, cord loop or motorized control. Then, they slide from different directions, such as from the center and left to right (or vice versa). Sliding panels do not disappoint when it comes to giving you privacy and sunlight control. As there are several sliding panels, you have the liberty to open them just a little or a lot wider, depending on your preference. Unlike vertical blinds, panels can’t be rotated or titled.

5. Vertical Window Shades

Like sliding panels, vertical shades are not the usual choice for sliding glass door window treatments. However, they offer several benefits like ease of use as you only have to pull them out when you want your door covered. Then, push back if you want the opposite.

Vertical window shades for sliding glass doors also allow an extra layer of insulation, keeping you protected against heat or cold. They’re a suitable choice if your windows include shades as these can complement the window treatments’ honeycomb pattern.

If your goal is to darken the room, vertical shades might not be the best window treatment to use. Also, cleaning the shades is a challenge and you may have to replace the whole shade if it gets stained.

Choose Pella Window Treatments

As we’ve shown above, you can choose from different window treatments for your sliding glass doors depending on your style, needs and priorities. These include vertical shades, curtains, vertical blinds, sliding panels and shutters. Whether you’re looking for a window replacement or window treatment, you should consider factors like functionality, durability, style, maintenance and energy efficiency. Doing so leads you to the right investment in your Nashville home and your family’s comfort and safety.

More questions about windows? Read more information from our Pella of Nashville experts.

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