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Virginia Casement Windows

Casement Windows are a Modern Touch for Historic Homes

Historic homes abound in the state of Virginia, which is appropriate for a place known as the birthplace of what would become the United States. Homeowners can opt to preserve the original look and feel of these homes or upgrade them for the 21st century. Casement windows can do both, preserving the historical details of the home while updating the aesthetic.

Hinged at the sides, casement windows swing outwards and open up your home to the fresh air for maximum ventilation, all with the turn of a handle. Whether you are looking to enhance the air flow of your home or install windows in areas that are hard to reach, casement windows can contribute elegant design and unmatched function to your home, both inside and out.

Commonly known as: crank windows

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Virginia Climate Recommendations


Although the state is classified as a humid subtropical climate, most Virginians will describe the weather as not too hot and not too cold. They certainly experience the full breadth of all four seasons, from the warm air of spring and heat and humidity of the summer to the chill of the fall and cold and dry winters. Rainfall is frequent for the area, with the rare bout of severe wind and rain from living near the coastline, where they can feel residual effects from tropical storms.

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Richmond Window Replacement

In addition to modernizing your home, replacing old or inefficient windows can help increase your energy efficiency, keeping your home more comfortable. We make the process simple. Our replacement window experts can help you select, install, and enjoy replacement windows for years to come. Find window replacement options and advice for your area.


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