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Front Door Buying Guide


on November 2, 2021

Exterior home front door

Entrance doors are an important part of your home. They often frame the first impression your home makes, and they can set the tone for the rest of your exterior design decisions. 

So how do you choose the right front door for your home? Here are some things to consider to help add to the value of your home and enhance your curb appeal with the perfect front door.

How to Choose the Right Entrance Door 

The importance of doors doesn’t stop at the impact of the color you choose. The door’s style, design, texture(s) and material(s) all work together to make that first impression, too. Wood doors, for example, have a grand, stately feel, and offer a good amount of design flexibility, too. 

But wood doors aren’t for all homes. Those with modern and contemporary styles might opt for fiberglass or steel doors to make a sophisticated, sleek impression that packs an energy efficient punch with incredibly durable materials. 

To choose the right door material for your home, take the time to think through: 

  • How often do you want to clean your front door? 
  • What type of weather hazards does your residential area typically experience? 
  • What color do you want your entrance door to be? 
  • What textures do you prefer? 
  • How strong do you want your front door to be? 
  • Do you need a storm door for added security? 

Once you’ve chosen the right material for your home, it’s time to think about what design features to consider. A few of the more popular styles of front door design include: 

  • Sidelights
  • Panels 
  • Grilles 
  • Stiles
  • Dentil shelves

Combining different design elements can help create a unique front door that truly exemplifies your family’s style.  

Front Doors Add Value to a Home

An entrance door can add value to your home in multiple ways, so it’s important to choose your material wisely when replacing yours. When you select durable, low-maintenance and energy-efficient materials like fiberglass or steel, you’ll ultimately save money over time. This is because the durability of these materials offers better weather  resistance, meaning fewer replacements. And because they're low-maintenance, you won’t have to spend as much on your entrance door’s upkeep. Lastly, energy-efficient materials will help to reduce your home’s energy consumption and lower your monthly energy bills. 

If the time comes for you to sell your home, the quality of your entrance door and the cost-savings it provides can attract buyers and drive up your home’s market value

Front Entrance Doors Enhance Curb Appeal

Your new entrance door will no doubt be the shining star of your home’s front facade, but it will also draw attention to other components of the entryway that, depending on their conditions, could help or hamper your curb appeal

Here are some quick fixes you can make to enhance your entryway:

  • Upgrade your hardware to elevate your entryway
  • Install lighting around and/or above your entryway to accent your home’s unique features
  • Add landscaping and/or potted plants for a polished feel
  • Install shutters at your front door to accent the siding and frame your front door.
  • Use your new front door’s color to dictate the rest of your entryway decor choices

One important part of the entryway door replacement  process is making certain that your improvements look like they have always been there. An easy way to visualize what will look good on your home is to browse through photos of homes with a similar style. You could also see what may not work so well, saving you valuable time and money.

Feel Confident with Your New Front Door

Replacing your front entry door can provide many benefits, including increased energy-efficiency, improved security and a seamless design. Work with a local Pella professional to decide which entry door is right for you and your home.

Schedule a free consultation to find windows and doors for your home.