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Open Up Your Home to the Outdoors With a Movable Glass Wall


on March 29, 2018


You’ve seen buyers go ga-ga over moving walls of giant glass on your favorite home buying shows. Maybe you’ve even seen it in someone else’s home. You were left wowed and wondering, “What is that? And how do I get one of those in my home?”

That’s no ordinary wall, for sure. It’s a sliding glass patio door — also referred to as a sliding glass wall — a set of floor-to-ceiling doors that can seamlessly connect your home, inside and out.

How to Get a Sliding Glass Wall System in Your Home

Using patio doors to create a movable glass wall can bring natural light and beauty into your home. And when you want to connect your interior living space with your exterior living space, you are able to move the glass wall out of the way. A movable glass wall combines the benefits of large windows with the functionality of patio doors. If you want the best of both worlds to connect your home to your patio, you just have to answer one question:

Sliding or folding?

Exterior glass walls
Homeowner project - multi-slide patio door
Bifold patio door - movable glass wall

Bifold Patio Doors

Bifold patio doors are able to fold up like an accordion instead of sliding along a track. The panels fold up neatly on one or both sides of the entryway. They can provide a wider entrance than some multi-slide patio doors that stack at the edges of the frame.

Because bifold patio doors fold instead of slide, there is not an overlap between the panels, which means it is a narrower track. This can make for a more seamless transition between your interior and exterior rooms. When the door is closed, it also can create a flush glass wall rather than a set of stacked panels.

Design Options for Sliding or Folding Glass Walls

When you opt to build a glass wall out of doors instead of windows, you can get more design flexibility. Multi-slide and bifold patio doors offer configurations to work with almost any architectural style.

  • Curved walls – Tracks can be curved instead of straight lines. Curved glass walls work in rounded rooms or other spaces with irregular shapes.
  • Corners – Your wall space doesn’t have to be all on one wall. Multi-slide and bifold patio doors can be configured at a 90-degree angle. This gives you the option to build two movable glass walls instead of one, creating a unique entrance to your outdoor entertaining area.
  • Open on the side – Instead of a center opening, glass panels can be pushed to one side of the entryway. By sliding or folding the panels off to a side, you can gain additional space in your home or on your patio.
  • On the inside – You can also use sliding glass walls exclusively indoors to separate a sunroom, divide a large space or carve a little corner for a private office. 

When gorgeous scenery isn’t enough — and you want to bring it into your home — cast your wall aside. A movable glass wall opens up your home and your possibilities.

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