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Updating Your Patio Doors


on November 2, 2018


Patio doors function as the gateway between your indoor living room and your outdoor space. Closed, the patio doors can illuminate the interior with natural light and capture a beautiful view of the outdoors. Open, you can bring the outside indoors or retreat to the patio to relax in the cool breeze of a summer night. Patio doors can even enhance the look and feel of your home.

So if your patio doors are outdated — from sliding doors that stick to glass that is more opaque than transparent — it might be time to start exploring the variety of door styles, features and options that are available and upgrade to new patio doors that will bring a modern aesthetic to your home.

Hinged Patio Doors

If entertaining guests is a common occurrence in your home, hinged patio doors are best suited for high traffic areas. These easy-to-open doors are hinged from the side and open from the center, allowing them to open into a room (inswing) or out into a patio (outswing).

Hinged patio doors, also known as French patio doors, are a combination of function and style, offering an elegant but traditional look for a welcoming entryway.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors allow homeowners to do more with less. To make the best use of limited space, these doors utilize one sliding sash that operates on a single track within the frame, rather than swinging into or out of your home. This affords you more usable space inside or outside.

The large panes of unobstructed glass fill your home with an abundance of natural light and can offer a stunning view of the outdoors. Sliding screens can also be installed to allow in airflow while protecting from bugs. And built-in blinds are a nice option for adding window treatments that are always out of the way.

Double Slide Patio Door - Dubuque IA

Multi-Slide Patio Doors

If one sliding patio door isn’t enough, you have plenty of alternative options that give you more! Pella’s multi-slide patio doors offer up to 10 operable panels that can open from one side or the middle for incredible design flexibility.

The doors can tuck out of sight within a wall pocket or stack together, allowing you to determine how to best open up your space and connect interior rooms or to the outside world.

Bifold Patio Doors

Perhaps the least common but the most unique are the bifold patio doors. These accordion-style doors consist of two or more glass panels that hinge together and can be folded to expand your space, creating a wide opening between the indoors and the outdoors.

With a wide variety of choices at your fingertips, you can create the patio doors that are going to enhance your home, be unique to your personal taste and fit your budget.

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