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4 Ways a Window Wall Improves Your Aesthetic


on March 6, 2018


Glass skyscrapers have long been popular. They boast beautiful vistas on every floor, bring in loads of natural light and look sleek and modern.

Now, the big-city aesthetic is making its way to residential neighborhoods. Homeowners adding modern touches to their older homes or undertaking a contemporary remodel are looking to large windows for many of the same reasons.

“One of the big trends we’re seeing in home design is the use of large windows and doors to provide expansive views and bring the outdoors in,” says Allan Pickett, director of architectural business development for Pella Windows.

Window walls add the “wow factor.”

The preference for open concept homes is moving from interior walls to exterior walls. A wall of large glass windows can visually open up an entire story and improve the aesthetic with sunshine, sleek design and natural beauty. These Pella projects show what a difference a window wall can make.

Make a room feel more open.

High ceilings already make a room feel larger. Floor-to-ceiling windows make this two-story living room feel as open horizontally as it does vertically.

Brighten up the space.

Without proper lighting, dark color schemes and wood can make a house feel more like a basement than a cozy home. Large glass windows help this Wisconsin log home feel as bright and sunny as its woodsy setting.

Get a modern look.

Walls of glass combined with high ceilings, open spaces and clean lines create a modern design for this contemporary home. Sitting on Lake Michigan, the house incorporates window walls throughout to provide breathtaking scenery in every room.

Showcase scenic surroundings.

A complete remodel connects this woodland home back to its natural surroundings. Twenty-nine new windows and doors provide stunning sightlines to the forest and nearby Fawn Lake.

Customization offers a variety of options.

Window walls are completely customizable. Each window wall design is unique to the vision of the homeowner, designer or architect. Your options are only limited by the layout of your room and the dimensions of your wall.

“Customers are seeking window and door products with minimal frame dimensions and sleek lines to complement their contemporary home design,” says Pickett. “Large multi-slide doors, multi slide patio doors, and bifold patio doors are also popular and provide a way to open up a large wall to the outdoors.”

Large windows with the minimalist look give you more glass and maximize your exposure to the outdoors. You can also mix and match window sizes and styles for your own unique combination. Partial arch heads, modified rectangles, trapezoids, and other special shape windows offer more architectural interest than standard rectangles.

Custom wood windows can add a warm aesthetic and offer the most design options. You can stain or paint them to match your home’s decor. They also have an exterior aluminum cladding option to provide better durability for large walls of windows.

No matter which combination of windows you choose, your window wall will become the defining feature of your home. And it won’t just leave all your guests saying “wow.” You’ll have plenty of wow moments of your own, basking in the sunlight and enjoying the landscape outside your wall of glass.

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