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The Best Modern Window Styles for Your Home


on April 2, 2020


Replacing your windows not only enhances the curb appeal of your home, but it also provides a great opportunity for a stylish modern upgrade. As an added bonus, some of the most popular modern window styles are energy efficient and allow lots of natural light into your space.

What is modern style? Its core principles include simplicity, minimalism and practicality. In design, this means straight lines, natural textures and neutral colors. Think modest, unadorned windows.

Read on to discover our modern window style recommendations as well as some additional design options and features you may want to consider when opting for a modern look.

Window Styles That Create a Modern Feel

Casement and double-hung windows are two of the most common window styles. Of the two, casement windows, which are side-hinged and swing outward, are the more modern option.

Casement windows are available in our wood, fiberglass and vinyl product lines. This window style provides open sightlines, allows natural light to shine through and offers ventilation.

Another way to open up a room is to install a bay or bow window that extends from the wall. Bay and bow windows offer exceptional sightlines, increasing the perceived size of the room.

Sliding windows are another great alternative to consider if you’re looking for a fiberglass or vinyl window option that lets in light and ventilation, while still giving your home a modern feel.

Whether you’re installing them in multiples or in combination with other window styles, awning windows can add some extra character to your home while letting in plenty of natural light.

Let There Be Light With Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

One big trend is the move toward large modern windows that span the entirety of a wall. Floor-to-ceiling windows feature minimalist frames and offer wide-open views. These windows allow for maximum natural light and blur the lines between inside and the outdoors.

Pella Impervia and Architect Series include floor-to-ceiling options in a variety of modern window styles, such as casement and awning windows. Pella Impervia offers a sliding window option.

Wide-open windows also mean more glass. Consider multiple panes for extra insulation and think about adding a Low-E glass coating to minimize ultraviolet and infrared light from the sun.

Modern Window Design Options

Modern window design is all about simple colors, clean lines and minimalist features. Floor-to-ceiling windows and black window frames remain trendy modern design staples

More homeowners are demanding sustainable features in their homes and modern windows tend to be energy efficient and allow for lots of natural light due to subtle frames and trim.

Modern window grille design is functional and keeps your sightlines open. Hardware options also emphasize substance over style, though you can still get away with mixing things up.

Several of the most popular window material options — wood, fiberglass and vinyl — can all cater to modern standards, so don’t let the quest for all-things contemporary limit your style.

Don’t Forget About the Window Trim and Hardware

You’ll want to consider what type of interior trim will help to best achieve your modern look. Modern window design tends to call for light- or dark-colored painted trim. White trim gives off a clean, fresh appearance, while charcoal black trim can add depth and dimension to a room. The same is true of modern exterior window trim. Thick, dark trim creates a bolder frame surrounding the large panes of glass.

When it comes to selecting hardware, less is more for modern windows. Casement windows are a popular choice for achieving a modern look and fold-away cranks are subtle and practical.

We designed our Saldo fold-away crank — available as a hardware option for Architect Series - Contemporary and Pella Reserve - Contemporary casement windows —  to achieve true contemporary style. The Saldo fold-away crank adds modern sophistication to any home.

And keep in mind that there is more that goes into modernizing your home than windows.

Modern Windows Add New Life to Your Home

New windows can turn your traditional home into the envy of the block. There are many modern window styles to choose from to make your home stand out in your neighborhood. A tried and true option would be to install casement windows with simple colors and minimalist hardware.

Are you ready to modernize your home with new windows? Contact your local Pella Branch showroom to review all of our modern window styles and achieve the right look for you.

Schedule a free consultation to find windows and doors for your home.