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Get the Look: Dark Interior Design


on December 8, 2022


Light and airy room design may not be going anywhere anytime soon, but there’s another trend on the horizon that may entice you over to the dark side — of interior design, that is. Dark and moody design elements are back in style and this time, they’ve gotten a luxurious, versatile update. Read on to discover why dark interior design is becoming so popular, how you can bring a little more atmosphere to your home. Regardless of your preferred design style, here are the best ways to jump on this moody trend. 

Why is Dark Interior Design Popular? 

Dark interior design continues to grow in popularity because of its impressive versatility and the way it turns an ordinary room into a showstopper.  

Incorporate dark interior design elements to give your home a moodier, more luxurious vibe. Try painting a room inky black, bottom-of-the-lake green, or another deep color. You can also pair dark interior design elements with farmhouse, boho, modern, old Hollywood, and classic luxe styles

Achieving the Moody Look Without Becoming Dreary 

If the idea of cloaking your home in dark tones feels a little out of your depth, there are easier ways to try the trend on for size before going all-in.  

Dabble Before Diving In

Experiment with decor items on the deeper side of the color wheel before deciding to paint a whole room in charcoal black or dark plum. Consider purchasing a forest green couch, swapping out your cabinet, window, or door’s hardware with a darker color, choosing black bed linens, or adding burgundy throw pillows or a ruby red chair. Test a few items first to get an idea of the grandeur dark design can bring to your space. If you like what you see, start looking up paint colors and try a dark accent wall. 

Add Drama with Dark Window Trim

Another way to instantly add a touch of drama and atmosphere to your home design is to choose black window trim. Think about how many windows are in your home. Now envision the rich contrast black window frames would create against the backdrop of your interior design. Dark windows are a great way to get a little moody without fully committing to this trend. 

The Best Dark and Moody Interior Design Tips

When you’re ready to take your moody interior design ideas to the next level, these tips and tricks will help you create a stunning space that invites you to linger a little longer.

Choose a Tonal Theme

Every good home design project starts with a perfect color palette, and dark interior design is no exception. Start by picking a tonal theme and build your palette from there. While it’s common to associate dark colors with cool tones like deep navy blues, intense grays, and classic inky blacks, remember that there are also dark hues on the warm side of the color wheel. Think deep plum,  dark olive, or black with hints of deep red. Choosing cool or warm tones first will make building a cohesive color story for your moody room much easier. 

Open Small Spaces With Moody Design Camouflage 

It may seem counterintuitive, but opting for dark interior design can actually make a small space feel larger. How, you may ask? By painting bulky furniture like dressers, vanities, and built-ins the same color as the wall. Doing this will make smaller rooms with big furniture look far less cluttered and create a dynamic texture that catches the eye. 

Texture Is Key

While we’re on the topic, texture is crucial to keeping your dark interior design from feeling dreary or flat. The visual interest texture creates will transform a deep-toned room from just plain “dark” to “atmospheric” in no time. Consider adding crown molding or other wall paneling, lush velvet accents, glossy black tiles, or mirrors with intricate frames. 

Incorporating a plethora of houseplants with darker foliage is another great way to texturize. Lush greenery can add depth and atmosphere to any room. 

Use Reflective Surfaces to Maximize Natural Light

To keep your dark interior design from feeling too closed-in, use mirrors to maximize your home’s natural light. This is especially effective when you’ve chosen black or dark window frames, as the mirrors do double duty— reflecting the light while giving contrast to the frame. 

Choose Warm Lighting for Dark Rooms

The natural allure of a dark and moody room is intensified when you use warm lighting to illuminate the space. Warmth reflected off dark colors gives them a richness that invites you to spend just a little more time enjoying the ambiance. Try using this design in cozy studies, home theaters, or reading rooms that need a little dark academia sprinkled in. 

Another way to make an even bigger statement in your moodiest rooms is to create an elegant and sophisticated gallery wall that incorporates pops of bright color in a contrasting tone to the rest of your dark palette. Vivid colors paired with metallics will create a truly opulent feel.  

Balance Your Moody Design Well With Help From the Pros 

Strike the right balance of atmosphere and light with dark-framed windows and dark-toned doors by Pella. Want to explore what your moody window and door design options are? Request a consultation today.

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