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Small Porch Ideas With Big Impact


on June 26, 2023


The front porch has long been a focal point for many homes, from expansive wraparound porches that offer needed reprieve from summer heat to smaller porches that serve as an inviting entrance. For homeowners with small or narrow porches, finding the right design elements to welcome guests and wow passersby without making a small space feel even smaller can pose a frustrating challenge. Read on for some of our favorite designs and small porch ideas for a major impact

Use Common Design Principles to Make Your Front Porch Feel Bigger

Some of the same design principles used to make interior spaces feel larger, taller, or generally roomier can be applied to your small front porch as well. Consider incorporating tall elements in your front porch design like plants, lanterns, or other decorative pieces to visually lengthen the entire space. Designing vertically rather than horizontally is another great way to extend the space to make the most of what you have available. By designing up as opposed to out, you can add more personal touches without risking a busy and closed-in final look. 

If adding height isn’t a priority for you, focusing on symmetry (or intentionally breaking symmetry) can be one of the easiest small front porch ideas to incorporate into your design plan. When you focus on maintaining a symmetrical design, you create a sense of inviting harmony that draws guests in, whereas intentionally breaking symmetry creates a visual focal point that provides additional interest. 

Create a Cozy Front Porch With Natural Elements

When you’re working with a smaller space, sometimes the key to unlocking its design potential is about leaning into the size rather than fighting against it. Small spaces are the perfect opportunity to create a cozy vignette, and the front porch is no exception. 

Like patios and decks, front porches serve as a great bridge between outdoors and your home’s interior, so look to incorporate natural decor as you plan your small front porch’s design. Utilize hanging flower baskets, potted plants, and natural materials like wood, jute, and rattan for any seating or small tables to create a cozy environment that exudes just the right amount of warmth and welcome.

Additionally, elevating your outdoor lighting can soften up your space without sacrificing sophistication or precious square footage. Choose warm lighting options and charming fixtures with a vintage feel to maximize the cozy vibes. 

Incorporate Color to Welcome Guests and Improve Curb Appeal

Another way to make your entryway pop with limited space is to add a splash of color amidst an otherwise neutral palette. Choose the right place for that color pop by deciding where you want to draw the eye and focusing on that area only. 

For example, you might find that choosing a bold entry door color is the ticket to bringing your front porch to life, or perhaps the stairs leading to the entry door offer the color opportunity you’re looking for. If you prefer to keep your door and stairs more subtle, consider a fun welcome mat layered on top of a colorful outdoor rug for a multidimensional and enticing color splash that will brighten your day and improve your home’s curb appeal

Well-Placed Windows Create Visual Interest

Windows add a unique touch to any entryway, but can have an especially poignant impact when paired with small porches. The key to pulling off windows in a smaller space is to, well, think small. For instance, a front door with three small windows will create a charming sidelight effect. However, if you’re worried about window-overwhelm on your small front door, consider adding a single, square double-hung or picture (inoperable) window with grilles to your front porch instead to create additional visual interest. 

While your front porch space may be limited, windows offer the added benefit of taking up wall space rather than crowding the precious few landing square feet you may have. This makes creating a finished feel without too much clutter simple. 

Bring Your Small Front Porch Ideas to Life With the Pros at Pella

However you choose to make the most of your small front porch, the door and window experts at Pella are here to help take it to the next level. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your ideas and get personalized advice, recommendations, and a better understanding of how the right entry door or window can make all the difference.

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