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Window Design and Home Decor Trends to Look Out for in 2023


on December 22, 2022


The home design trends that ushered in the first few years of this decade will continue to grow in popularity in 2023, with some notable shifts in interior design philosophy toward creating unique and comfortable homes that embody the spirit of “inviting.” Here are the biggest window and home design trends to watch out for in 2023… and how to execute them flawlessly. 

Black Window Frames for Moody Interior Design

Whatever your style sensibilities, atmosphere is the name of the game heading into 2023. We’ve covered how to master dark interior design, and one of the easiest ways to tap into the dimension this trend offers is by choosing a dark interior window frame. Black window frames are back in alongside deep jewel tones, bottom-of-the-lake blues, dark olive greens, and maroons. If creating a vibe that entices guests to linger a little longer is high on your design priority list, this is the trend for you to explore. 

Get in Touch With Nature 

Have you heard us mention houseplants before? The biophilic trend that was bolstered by the pandemic continues to command the interior design scene in 2023. Incorporating greenery, houseplants, and living florals is all the rage for homeowners who want their house to feel more alive. Plants, plant prints, and natural materials provide unique textures with tons of dimension and visual appeal. 

Additionally, swap out your basic patio door for a multifold glass option that creates a stunning indoor/outdoor space to maximize your home’s oneness with nature. The trend of inviting the outdoors in will continue to rise in the coming year. 

Get Maximalist With Art Deco Finishes

Minimalism still has its devout followers, but the maximalism trend has been gaining steam. In a home design world where cozy is king, it makes sense that artful clutter is having a moment to shine. Pair that with the old Hollywood glam trend that has been popping up more frequently and you’ve got a recipe for manifesting your wildest Gatsby dreams. 

Capture the art deco trend by combining window shapes, and pairing them with gold curtain rods or hardware. 

Embrace Your Home’s History With Vintage Design

Rather than gutting your home and starting fresh, focus on honoring where your home came from. Look into the architectural roots of your house and create a design plan that highlights its strengths. For example, Victorian style homes with a lot of angles are the perfect match for single- and double-hung windows, whereas craftsman and ranch-style houses pair well with bay and bow windows

Once you’ve got your window design aligned with your home’s history, focus on restoring interior spaces instead of renovating them. Utilize family heirlooms as design centerpieces or vintage decor for a cozy cottage vibe. 

Soften it Up With Curves

Sharp angles and harsh squares are on their way out.  Softer design is ready to take the stage. Soften up your interior and exterior design by embracing the elegance of curves. This rising trend makes your home more comfortable than ever by incorporating round coffee tables and kitchen islands to arched windows and doors. 

Consider adding statement pieces like a sofa with a high, arched back, curvy candles, light fixtures with glass globes, or a wavy, retro take on a frameless mirror. Incorporate curves in your exterior window design with a custom-shaped window or cottage-style door to finish the look. 

Get the Latest Window Design Trends with Pella

Whichever rising trend or combination of window trends is calling your name, there are so many ways to bring it to life. Working with the professionals at Pella will help you decide how to execute the latest window designs for your house. Request a consultation or stop into a Pella showroom near you to get started on your next home improvement project.

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