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How to Reduce Outside Noise in Your Home


on May 14, 2020


Unless you live in the countryside with your closest neighbors more than a mile away, you might have nights where you don’t sleep well because of all of the sounds of the city. Whether it’s from barking dogs or street noise, there are a variety of ways to dilute the sound and get a peaceful night of sleep.

Bedroom with soundproof curtains on window
Living room with acoustic panels to soundproof wall

Soundproof Curtains

If you are not searching for replacement windows, curtains that diminish sound can be a cheaper route. The best soundproof curtains can help diminish noise on a budget. With a host of ways to do it yourself, you can sleep soundly and save money at the same time. Most stores also carry curtains that help to both block out city lights and muffle the noises around you. You’ll learn to appreciate this in loud, bright cities on nights where you are sick or trying to unwind.

Soundproof Walls

One way how to reduce outside noise is by installing soundproof walls. Apartment buildings and townhomes can have thin walls. If the bothersome sound is coming from inside of your building or home, taking action to reduce the sound coming through the wall can also be an aesthetically appealing solution. And you don’t need to rip your wall apart to do it.

Just like with soundproof curtains, there are ways to get results on a budget with many DIY options:

  • Add acoustic panels.
  • Hang a rug or drape on the wall.
  • Plug sound leaks in fixtures, switch boxes or around doors.

Whether you desire a pop of color or a simple backdrop, the sound-reducing addition can act as a design element as well. Acoustic panels for home use are covered in fabric and come in a variety of colors. And you can find rugs, drapes and curtains in any color or pattern you can dream of.

Upholstered sofa with soft pillows reduces noise from wall in living room

Noise-Reducing Furniture

Another way to eliminate outside noise is by using noise-reducing furniture. You don’t have to hang anything up or change your walls to help with noise reduction. Anything soft can help absorb sound. 

Get creative and add a piece of your uniqueness into blocking sound with noise-reducing furniture. Decorate your place with upholstered chairs and sofas with suede or microfiber fabrics, placing them strategically near the source of outside noise. If you love reading, make a large bookcase and decrease sound by using your collection of novels.

Woman reading a book in living room with Lifestyle Series windows reducing outside noise

Noise-Reducing Windows

Noise reducing windows can also be a good idea. You might notice great results that won’t require you to use headphones or earplugs to fall asleep every night.

Double or triple-paned windows with sound control glass1 are good options for noise control, with the added benefit of energy efficiency. If your windows aren’t already double-paned, it’ is highly recommended you consider replacement windows. 

There are also new windows that reduce outside noise. Pella® Lifestyle Series windows use multiple glass panes with varying levels of thickness and insulating frames to dampen sound. When combined with professional installation, you get better sound control. 

If replacement windows aren’t in your budget, simple window maintenance could help decrease outdoor noises too — starting with a check-up on the caulk around your windows.

For more pointers on how to reduce noise from outside your living space, contact your local Pella Windows and Doors representative or come by your nearest showroom to speak with a window professional.

1Sound control glass has either dissimilar glass thickness (e.g. 3mm/5mm glass) or has laminated glass.

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