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What You Need to Know About Wood Windows


on August 7, 2018


If you think about it, wood is the original window material. Technically, before modern homes, windows may have been made with mud or stone, but the first civilized version of a window was likely made with some type of wood.

Today, wood windows are still an extremely popular and viable option for homeowners. But why? Why should you choose wood windows? Is it for their look? Or is there more to it?

Let’s find out.

Benefits of wood windows

Wood is organic authentic and classic. Vinyl and fiberglass windows try to mimic the look and feel of wood windows. But nothing beats the real thing, especially if you’re going for an authentic look.

Insulating power of wood windows

Insulation is another benefit of wood windows. In fact, real wood can provide up to 400 times more insulation than steel according to the American Wood Council. This natural insulation can help keep your home warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm, making your house more energy efficient.

Not only are wood windows energy efficient, but they also can last a long time — especially if you properly care for and maintain them. With proper care, your windows can last for years. Wood windows take quite a bit of upkeep and weatherproofing, but they are worth the work.

Benefits of wood windows

Exterior cladding

Another popular feature with wood windows is exterior cladding, which means the wooden frames on the outside of the house are covered with a different material, like aluminum or vinyl. This helps protect the window from severe weather and other outdoor elements, and the inside of the window stays in good condition. Exterior cladding also helps prevent your wood windows from fading, maintaining the same color and quality.

Best types of wood for window frames

It’s important to choose the type of wood that fits your home’s style and color. Some of the available types of wood to choose from include mahogany, douglas fir, pine, white oak, cherry, red oak, and maple. Whatever your taste, you can pick the type and color of wood that blends well with your home.

Pros and Cons of Wood Windows

What to watch for

When you’re ready to seriously look at wood windows, there are a couple things you should keep in mind if you want your windows to last a long time:

  • Inspect exposed wood for blemishes and imperfections.
  • Make sure the finger joints aren’t visible so your windows will have a clean and appealing look.
  • Choose wood windows that are easy to operate and maintain.
  • Proper installation with tight-fitting corners that fit accurately into your window space.
  • If you want to put exterior cladding on your wood windows, make sure they’re available with the type of window you want to buy.

Best wood for window frames

Pella offers wood windows in many types, colors, styles and sizes. No matter what kind of wood window you have in mind, we can work to make it happen. Pella wood windows have EnduraGuard®, which helps give windows advanced protection against the effects of moisture, decay, stains from mold and mildew, and termite damage. We also offer low-maintenance, aluminum exterior cladding, which resists fading and helps protect the exterior of wood windows for years.

Choose the wood window that’s right for you. For authentic windows, wood is the right option. With natural insulation, energy efficiency, and durability, wood windows are a worthwhile investment that can elevate your home in more ways than one.

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