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Double-Hung Windows Showcase Your Stunning Cleveland Home

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown

on June 22, 2022

White farmhouse with black windows

Double-hung windows are among the most popular and commonly found windows on homes today. This window offers many benefits and can pair with almost any home type to complement its style. You can also take your stylish, functional windows one step further with Pella's energy-efficient windows. Keep reading to learn more about double-hung and energy-efficient windows and how they should be on your renovation list for your Cleveland home.

Double-Hung Window Basics

Sometimes referred to as “sash” windows, double-hung windows feature two operable sashes that slide vertically in the frame, enabling them to be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top. With two operable sashes rather than one in a single-hung window, double-hung windows add improved air circulation and ventilation to your home without protruding inwards or outwards, maximizing your interior and exterior space. Double-hung windows are also easy to clean. Both of the sashes tilt inward to give you easy access to the interior and exterior glass surfaces. This function makes cleaning typically hard-to-reach windows on the second floor easy.

Double-hung windows are also one of the most popular window styles found in homes across America. Their timeless style, ease of use, and incredible airflow make double-hung windows the perfect choice for many homes. They are commonly seen on traditional and farmhouse homes.

For example, we updated this classic white farmhouse in Hinckley, OH, by installing black fiberglass double-hung windows. The black exterior aluminum cladding modernized the home’s exterior and overall aesthetic without compromising its traditional look.

Home office with white double-hung window

Double-Hung Windows on Cleveland Homes

There are many different home styles in the Cleveland area. Some common home types in the area are Craftsman, Neoclassical, Colonial, Queen Anne, and Traditional.

Double-hung windows are a great option for each of these home styles. For example, double-hung windows are commonly found in traditional-style homes as they are used to add symmetry to the front of your home. You can also add things like grilles between the glass to your double-hung windows to add charm and fit with the style of your home. Colonial-style homes feature many windows at the front of the house, which are typically double-hung windows. This window type gives the same effect, creating symmetry and often including traditional window grilles.

For example, our team did a window replacement project on a Cleveland home. We installed new, affordable double-hung windows to create a beautiful space. We replaced built-in shelves with the new windows to add curb appeal to the front of the home and bring in more light.

Energy-Efficient Homes

Energy efficiency is something many homeowners strive for in their homes. For example, there are many benefits to an energy-efficient, sustainable home. These include protecting the environment, enhancing the comfort of your home, and lowering your utility bill.

Brick home with double-hung windows

Pella Energy-Efficient Windows

At Pella, we take many actions to make your windows energy-efficient, including having low-emissivity (Low-E) glass and using multiple panes of glass in your windows.

Low-E glass is a coating that improves your window’s energy efficiency by reflecting heat into the correct area to provide a comfortable room. For example, in the winter, the glass would reflect heat back into your home, whereas in the summer, it would reflect the heat away from your home to keep it cooler.

Another way that we ensure energy efficiency is by eliminating leaks and drafts in your windows. Air infiltration can occur when there are gaps, like between window sashes or between the window frame and the wall. At Pella, we prevent drafts by properly installing your windows and using adequate insulation. For example, our windows have multiple panes of glass, including dual- and triple-pane options with insulating argon gas to help slow the effects of conduction and keep your home feeling comfortable. Our expert installers are also sure to properly install your new windows so they last for years to come.

Several of our product lines are ENERGY STAR certified, meaning they meet or exceed energy efficiency guidelines. This includes our Lifestyle and 250 Series windows. Double-hung windows are available in both of these product lines. For example, you can decide on a wood double-hung window in order to have more style versatility. Our wood windows have various color finish options, including the ability to select a natural stain on your window. The beauty, versatility, and performance that wood windows offer will allow you to match your windows to your style and your home’s architecture and colors.

For example, we updated a Mentor, OH, home with wood double-hung windows to increase the light coming into the home and provide better energy efficiency. The new energy-efficient windows breathe new life into this older home and will make it more functional and comfortable for years to come.

You could also choose to go with affordable vinyl double-hung windows that are budget-friendly, without sacrificing style or durability. Our exclusive vinyl formula makes for a stronger, more durable window that offers classic style and excellent performance at an affordable price to meet your budget.

Double-hung windows are a classic option and can really add to the curb appeal of your home. These windows are easy to use and can be added throughout your home to fit your style. Ready to get started on your window replacement? Schedule a free in-home consultation with our window professionals today.

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