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Sunroom Window and Door Design Ideas for Your Cleveland Home

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown

on March 16, 2022

Pella Lifestyle double-hung and special shape windows with traditional grilles in a sunroom

Cleveland is a beautiful place, and with warmer weather, a sunroom is an excellent addition to your home. Let’s discuss a few sunroom ideas, including sunroom window and door ideas, along with how Pella can help your sunroom design goals come to life.

Benefits of a Sunroom in Your Cleveland Home

There are many reasons that you want a sunroom in your Cleveland home. If you are near one of the many lakes in Cleveland or are near nature, like one of the Cleveland Metroparks, having a sunroom can help you enjoy that beautiful view. Sunrooms and natural light have many benefits, including reducing your stress and giving you a place to relax.

With so many windows in your sunroom, you can count on a tremendous amount of natural light. The use of many windows in your sunroom can brighten your whole home, making it warmer and feel like you are outside.

There are many different ways to style your sunroom to reflect your home’s aesthetic and add architectural interest. For example, you can create a cozy look in your sunroom with lots of cushions and neutral colors, or you can create a modern look with custom windows and bold finishes.

Sunroom Window Ideas

Expansive glass

An essential part of your sunroom is having a lot of glass space to let in all that natural sunlight. We offer many window styles and types that have lots of glass space to maximize the light you are bringing in. For example, you could get our fiberglass windows with sleek frames and expansive glass. Mentor, Chagrin Falls and Lakewood homes are surrounded by parks, reservations and beaches. Having a lot of glass space will bring tons of natural light to fill your rooms and give you plenty of gorgeous views.


Vinyl windows can be great if you have a tight budget but need to fill the entire room with windows. These affordable windows are still durable and long-lasting and can get the look you want for your sunroom.

Natural stained wood windows are a great option for having a wood accent in your sunroom. The natural look can also help you feel closer to nature while sitting in your sunroom. Wood windows also have a lot of design flexibility. For example, you can get historic windows to maintain the traditional look and match the rest of your home. On the other hand, you could go with windows that have a thin profile to fit your modern or contemporary home.

Pella Impervia fiberglass black awning and casement windows with grilles in a sunroom


The finish on your windows can make a big difference in the look and feel of your sunroom. For example, a black finish on your windows is great for making a bold statement with your sunroom, especially if your walls and siding are white so that it can create that stunning contrast. Another option for your sunroom is to have white windows. Having a full white sunroom can make the space feel even brighter. You can also choose from different colors to switch it up. At Pella, we offer many different finish options for your windows to go with the rest of your home and fit the design that you had in mind. For example, there are many historical, traditional and Neoclassical homes in Shaker and Cleveland Heights. Adding a sunroom to these or replacing windows in an existing sunroom can add to the light in the house and be a beautiful addition to the architecture. At Pella, we can help you match your current home’s windows and finishes to maintain its aesthetic while bringing you better performance.

Window Combinations

Using windows in combinations is a great way to maximize your sunroom’s wall space to let in sunlight. For example, both awning and casement windows have lots of unobstructed glass space; you can have these window types next to each other to increase the view even more. For example, having large casement windows next to each other and then awning windows below those can create an exciting look. Both of those window types also allow for ventilation so that you can enjoy the fresh air in your sunroom.

For example, this Cleveland homeowner lived right on Lake Erie and loved to take advantage of her sunroom. Unfortunately, the sunroom often went unused for three of the four seasons due to Ohio weather. With our help, though, we installed a combination of awning and casement durable vinyl windows that protected the sunroom from the elements. The newly installed windows also impressed the homeowners regarding the increased functionality, ventilation and style, all at an affordable price. 

Opening your casement and awning fiberglass windows has also just gotten easier with our easy-slide operator; with a simple slide, you can open and close your sunroom windows.

Another option for your sunroom windows is single- or double-hung windows. These windows are easy to open and close and also allow for ventilation. Sash windows are a common type of window for many different home styles, including those in the Cleveland area. You can line the walls with your double-hung windows to create an easy-to-use and stunning sunroom that allows fresh air to create the best atmosphere.

Custom or specialty-shaped windows are other great options to maximize the space in your sunroom. If your sunroom has a unique look or architectural shape, you can add a custom window to fill in the wall space. For example, if your sunroom has a pointed wall leading to the roof, you can fill that wall space with a fixed triangular window for added light. You can also use special shaped windows to add some interest. For example, you could add a circle window for some variety above your casement or double-hung windows. You could also choose to add a picture window with an arched top to create a unique look or match the traditional look and window style found throughout the rest of your home.

Style Options

Add Grilles

Grilles are a great addition to your windows because they can transform the look and style of your windows. We offer many different grille patterns, from top row grilles to traditional ones.

Add Blinds or Shades Between the Glass

Another excellent option for your sunroom windows and doors is adding blinds or shades. At Pella, we can add blinds or shades between the glass. This innovation allows you to control the amount of light you want coming into your sunroom and pull down the shades or blinds to allow privacy.

Sunroom Door Ideas

At Pella, we have multiple different door options for your sunroom. For example, a sliding patio door is a great way to incorporate more glass space, while a hinged patio door can add an elegant style to the room. We offer wood French hinged patio doors ranging in style from traditional to contemporary. In addition, our sliding doors come in wood, fiberglass and vinyl. With so many different options, you can choose the best door for you in terms of style and functionality. For example, homes in Akron and Canfield with backyards would benefit significantly from a patio door in their sunroom. They can enjoy the weather from inside this room and easily make their way to their backyard through the patio door.

Ready to create or remodel your sunroom? You’ll need some fantastic windows, so schedule a free consultation with your local Pella window and door professionals today.

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