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What Statement Will You Make With Your Entry Door?

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown

on May 19, 2020

So you’ve made the decision to replace your entry door, congratulations! You’re excited about a new look for your home’s entryway and you may have even had a few consultations with different companies. While making the choice to replace can be straightforward, making a choice in terms of what entry door you want is an entirely different story. Your entry door is the first impression your home makes on your guests and you want to be sure it makes exactly the right statement. Here are some examples of entry doors to showcase your personality.

Woodgrain Fiberglass Entry Door

Woodgrain-stained fiberglass entry doors have come a long way from their conception. While at one time homeowners may not have had many options in terms of style; fiberglass doors now have nearly endless options and can look amazing with nearly any home. This includes wood grain and wood stained fiberglass entry doors that even professionals are hard-pressed to tell the difference from true wood doors. Homeowners who opt for a wood grain and wood stain fiberglass entry door want the best of both worlds. They typically love the look of true wood but realize you have to put a lot of care and maintenance into a real wood door in order to keep them looking in tip-top shape. Woodgrain and wood stained fiberglass entry doors give homeowners the look of true wood but require extremely low maintenance and highly durable. Homeowners who take a lot of pride in their homes but who have busy lives will tend to gravitate towards these types of doors.

Dark Neutral Colored Fiberglass Entry Door

Homeowners who opt for darker neutral colors tend to be looking for a way to modernize their entrance and might be interested in learning more about black replacement windows for modernization as well. We also see a lot of care from the point of the homeowners when designing these doors as well and you’ll often see homeowners opt for other design options such as obscured glass and panels to add some style and beauty to their darker doors.

Navy Blue Fiberglass Entry Door

Navy blue isn’t unlike brown in terms of many homeowners choose it to match their homes, however, it also has similar components to black and dark gray doors as well, typically, if homeowners are choosing a navy blue door, it already matches their home but it also looks a bit more modern and they’re styling it with glass, panels or transoms.

Dark Red Entry Door

Homeowners who choose maroon or dark red entry doors usually are homeowners who want to add a little color to their entryway to draw the eye without making the door stick out on a more traditional street. It can also be a great way to make a more neutral-colored home (such as a white or gray home with white or black windows) pop a bit. If you’re looking to add a little bit of color in a classy way to your neutral home, this can be a great way.

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