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Do I Need a Multipoint Lock for My Door?


on June 1, 2020

White door with black handle and lock

An upgrade at your front door isn’t just about boosting your curb appeal. Once you’re through choosing the design and color of your door, you get down to the finer details: hardware. Determining the best type of hardware is as much about security as it is style.

Today’s door lock market has a lot of options. You can have a simple locking doorknob, a handle set with two locking points and even smart, electronic door locks that you unlock with your phone. 

There’s one popular option that uses traditional locking technology to address modern security needs: a multipoint locking system.

What is a multipoint locking system?

A multipoint locking system is a type of door hardware that locks at different points in the door — typically the top, middle and bottom. Instead of one deadbolt, it has three. The extra deadbolts bring additional security because it takes more force to break through a door that is locked at three different points. 

Older door locks with similar functionality could only be secured from the inside and required you to turn a lock at each point. Modern multipoint door locks are easier to operate. The three-point locking system involves just one lock mechanism and dual-action deadbolts. So, all three deadbolts respond to the same key turn — no need to stretch or bend down to lock different parts of the door.

Multipoint locking door hardware works the same on the inside as the outside. Turning the key secures or opens the door, no matter which side of it you’re on. You get additional security with the same amount of effort — or less if you’re upgrading from a door handle that required you to turn a key on the handle and deadbolt. 

Another benefit, you don’t even have to lock up after you leave. You can set the lock so that it secures your door after it shuts. It’s one less thing to worry about when you’re heading out the door quickly.

Can you get a smart key lock on a three-point locking system?

Every home product is a little smarter these days, and multipoint door locks are no different. Pella multipoint locking systems come with SmartKey® Re-Key technology provide an additional layer of protection to your front door. In the event you lose your key or otherwise would need to replace a lock, you can simply use the SmartKey learn tool to adapt your lock to a new key.

A SmartKey multipoint locking system is the most secure type of door lock. According to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) lock grading scale, it receives the highest grade for strength, security and lifespan — on par with heavy-duty commercial locks.

Are there patio door multipoint locking systems too?

Multipoint door locks are most often seen at the front entrance, but you can install a system on other doors too. French patio doors are hinged and operate in a similar fashion to entry doors. So a multipoint door lock is an option there to better secure your patio entrance — especially if you have large French patio doors.

The bigger your doors are, the harder they are to secure. There’s just more surface area that a single deadbolt can’t cover. That can present more of a problem on the patio, where you may want large doors to open up your home to the outdoors. A multipoint locking system ensures that all the force and pressure aren’t at a single point so you can still have big, beautiful patio doors without sacrificing security.

How do I choose the best door lock for my home?

Many considerations are factored into your entry door or patio door choices. The hardware and lock should be one of them. When you’re trying to decide which type of lock is best for your door, consider these three things:

  1. Convenience – If you’re in and out a lot, or have family members who are, convenience is an important consideration. Weigh whether a lock will require everyone to have a key, multiple keys or a smart device to lock and unlock the door. 
  2. Ease of operation – Similar to convenience, ease of operation is important in families, especially ones with younger kids. You want to have a lock that is simple for everyone to operate but still secure enough to protect your home and your family.
  3. Security – Price does not always equate to security. Check the ANSI grade of every lock to ensure it meets your standards for safety and the needs of your home. 

Looks still matter — just not as much as convenience, ease of operation and security. But the best door locks also offer style. So, when you choose a multipoint locking system, smart lock or another door lock, you can find the right hardware to keep your home safe while enhancing its aesthetic.

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