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Sliding Door Blinds: Options for Privacy and Light Control


on October 24, 2018


There are many reasons to choose a patio door or window treatment for your sliding door. They help maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature as well as allow for more control over your privacy and light levels. However, many homeowners struggle to choose a treatment that offers exceptional control without the added hazard and cleaning requirements many window treatments bring. Read on to learn what your options are, how built-in blinds work, and how Pella can help you control light and privacy within your home without requiring external window treatments.

a dog places his paw on a sliding door with between-the-glass blinds

What Blinds Can You Use for Sliding Doors?

Much like covers and treatments for other windows in your home, the only limit to what blinds (or curtains, for that matter) you can use for your sliding doors is your imagination and the measurements you need. 

Finding the right window treatments to suit your needs will depend on: 

  • The measurements of your sliding doors 
  • The amount of light and privacy control you desire
  • The style, color palette, and materials you are most interested in
  • The cleaning and maintenance effort you can commit to

If you want an option for your windows or sliding glass doors that provides exceptional light and privacy control without requiring any cleaning at all, between-the-glass blinds may be what you’re looking for. 

How Do Between-The-Glass Blinds Work? 

There are few innovations in window technology of recent years that offer more versatility with less hassle than between-the-glass, enclosed, or built-in, blinds. 

Built-in blinds and shades, available on our Pella Lifestyle line, are tucked between panes of glass. This keeps them free from dust and damage, and the cordless operation helps keep your pets and children safer. 

Operating built-in blinds and shades is as simple as sliding a lever on the side of the window frame, or via a motorized operating mechanism utilizing Pella Insynctive® technology. Insynctive allows you to control your built-in blinds from the comfort and convenience of our Insynctive app. This unique technology lets you control privacy and light without interfering with the functionality of a sliding door.

There are many advantages to choosing built-in blinds, and more households are opting for this technology that makes window and sliding door care easy while offering additional control over light and privacy in your home at all times. 

beautifully light and airy home with Pella sliding glass doors

Other Sliding Door Window Coverings

If built-in blinds aren’t what you’re looking for, there are many other options available to help control both privacy and lighting within your home. You may opt for curtains that slide on a rod or pulley system in front of your sliding doors, multi-slat vertical blinds that allow more granular control over light and privacy, or a combination of the two. 

What’s important to consider when choosing window coverings for your sliding doors is operability. You want window coverings that are easy to operate, and window coverings that don’t make operating your sliding doors difficult. 

Beyond those factors, the sky's the limit. Choose window coverings that work with your personal style and taste in colors that match your home decor. 

Get Patio Doors With Built-In Blinds at Pella 

If you’re ready to swap curtains, external blinds, and other bulky window coverings for the ease of built-in blinds that require no cleaning and are simple to operate, the professionals at Pella are here to help. Request a consultation today to learn more about our innovative window technology that can give you better lighting and privacy control in your home without the added to-do on your homekeeping list.

Schedule a free consultation to find windows and doors for your home.